Corner of Macquarie and Murray streets

A short walk up Macquarie Street from Franklin Square, this remarkable intersection has a historic sandstone building on every corner. It was once the administrative centre of Hobart and today offers panoramic views down Macquarie Street’s elegant heritage streetscape past the Georgian Ingle Hall , built in 1814, and the Art Deco Mercury newspaper building, to the Cenotaph in the distance.

On one corner St David’s Cathedral , rebuilt several times, stands where there have been churches since 1817. The present cathedral was substantially rebuilt in 1909 and its bell tower was completed in 1936. Across Murray Street, Hadleys Hotel stands on the site of a hotel dating back to the 1830s. Dating to the same era, the Treasury Buildings are still used as government offices today. The 1875 Derwent and Tamar Building used to have a set of punishment stocks outside the front door as the Hobart Gaol was once its neighbour.

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