Me Wah

Happily, this Chinese restaurant has broken Hobart’s yum cha drought and finally brought this cheerful weekend brunch/lunch tradition to the city. Selecting from the passing trolleys is all part of the fun, and under the bamboo lids you’ll find black fungus and bean curd rolls, barbecue pork buns or the lovely gelatinous chicken feet braised with chilli and black bean. Dumplings flavoured with pork and coriander or prawn and ginger, steamed bok choy and choy sum, and pan-fried turnip cakes will also pass your table. At night Me Wah transforms into southern Tasmania’s premier Chinese restaurant, with a selection of banquet menus and traditional dishes from abalone to soft-shell crab and Peking duck.

Contact information

16 Magnet Crt, Sandy Bay; (03) 6223 3688; open Tues–Sun for lunch and dinner

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