Mures Upper Deck

Perched above the sights, sounds and smells of the docks, this is the perfect place to dine on Hobart’s best-known à la carte seafood. Their blue-eye trevalla – sustainably harvested from the Southern Ocean by Mures’ own vessels – is a standout, served in their signature smoky chowder, along with the unbeatable soy and ginger marinated chargrill. The menu also offers a taste of marine delicacies from all around Tasmania, such as mussels, octopus, crayfish and abalone. A visit to Mures is a must-do in Hobart, but for a less expensive treat the Lower Deck has a casual call-out-your-number seafood cafe.

Contact information

Victoria Dock; (03) 6231 1999; open daily for lunch and dinner

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