Bush camping

Fire prohibited Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Hiking trails Lookout Nature walk Walking trails

Bushwalkers can camp anywhere in the park, as long as they are at least 500 m from any road. You’ll need to carry drinking water and a gas/fuel stove, and be prepared for all weather conditions. Walkers should register at the village before departure and deregister on return. 


Who to contact: PWS Tamar Field Centre (03) 6336 5391 Permits: Parks Pass is required to enter national parks (03) 6233 2621 www.parks.tas.gov.au

This campsite is located in Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond is a Tolkienesque world of sheer dolerite cliffs, scree slopes and swirling mists. Winter snows attract skiers, while in all seasons there are splendid lookouts and scenic walks for those brave enough to tackle the drive up Jacobs Ladder, a steep switchback road leading to the park’s alpine heart. June–Sept all vehicles must carry snow chains.

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