Bronte System

Brown trout caught in Bronte Lagoon, one of the main lakes in the Bronte system, Steve Cooper

Trout anglers probably already know that Tasmania’s Central Highland lakes are among the best in the world. Many offer fly- fishers an opportunity to sight-fish for tailing trout around the lake margins. Fly-fishing doesn’t get any better than that.

The Bronte system consists of four main lakes: Bronte Lagoon, Bradys Lake, Lake Binney and Tungatinah Lagoon.

The fishing is dominated by naturally spawned brown trout with lesser numbers of rainbow trout in Bronte Lagoon and Bradys Lake. Tasmania’s Inland Fisheries Service has also stocked Atlantic salmon and brook trout in the lakes.

All waters in the system provide good opportunities to sight-fish wearing polaroid sunglasses. Use beetle falls during summer, particularly on the western shore of Bradys Lake.

Bronte Lagoon is fringed with significant areas of tussocks and grassland. Anglers camp on the western shore near the boat ramp. There is another launching area suited for small boats where the main canal feeds the lake. When I was here there were only two anglers, and they were fishing the canal. One had been flicking small soft plastic lures in the canal and along the lake margins, and had caught some brown trout, keeping a pair and releasing the rest. The bag limit is 12 for brown or rainbow trout, and five for brook trout.

Fly-fishers do well here early in the season with tailing trout, especially along the southern shore from Fly Corner to Woodwards Bay. During the summer, dry fly-fishing can come into its own with mayfly hatches, black spinners and gum beetle falls along the Western shore. Trolling and spinning are popular.

Nearby Fishing Spots

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