Bowerbank Mill B&B

When you catch sight of Bowerbank Mill you won’t be the first person to reach for their camera – it’s the most photographed building in northern Tasmania. The whitewashed four-storey Georgian mill and chimney is surrounded by the prettiest rural countryside imaginable. This lovingly restored flour mill has two cottages, a large suite and three huge rooms, each a treasure trove of fine period furniture, sumptuous fabrics, fine oriental rugs, heritage decor and ornaments surrounded by blackwood and cedar-panelled walls or rough-hewn stone, reputed to be a metre thick in parts. There’s a tour of the mill available and a fine art gallery, but in a place like this it’s nice just to spend some time breathing in the atmosphere of the place.

Contact information

4455 Meander Valley Rd; (03) 6362 2628


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