Taverners Boutique Brewery

Beekeeper-cum-business entrepreneur Lindsay Bourke brews Taverners mead ales and runs his broad business interests from a former maternity hospital in Launceston. Where babies were once brought into the world, Bourke brings to life his Honey Porter, Honey Mead Ale and Strong Mead Ale, using his own multi-award-winning honey, malt extract and Tasmanian hops (Bourke is delightfully secretive about the individual honeys he uses). The original Taverners Good Ale was launched in 1990 by Dr David Thomas, based in Hobart; the Taverners’ brand and recipes were acquired by Bourke in 2007 after Dr Thomas retired.

Signature Beer

Taverners Strong Mead Ale

Contact Information

11 High Street, Launceston 7250 Tastings; takeaway sales


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