Christmas Hills 
Raspberry Farm Cafe

Everybody loves raspberries, and this busy eatery in a pretty rural spot overlooking a small lake is a shrine to these tangy little fruits. The motto here is ‘you can go straight to dessert’, and with menu suggestions such as a breakfast called ‘morning craving’ – bacon, cheese and banana stuffed into a baguette with raspberry jam – they mean what they say. Their light meals of wraps, damper and open sandwiches are tempting, but with raspberry crepes, sundaes and cheesecakes on offer, it’s hard to resist their advice. For a truly fabulous afternoon tea treat, order a serve of the fresh, crispy heart-shaped waffles drizzled with raspberry coulis and accompanied by a scoop of ice-cream.

Contact information

Bass Hwy, Elizabeth Town; (03) 6362 2186; open daily for breakfast and lunch

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