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The north-eastern district surrounding Gladstone was once a thriving mining area, yielding both tin and gold. Today many of the once-substantial townships nearby are ghost towns. Gladstone has survived, but its successful mining days have long since given way to tourism. It acts as a tiny service centre for surrounding dairy, sheep and cattle farms, as well as for visitors to Mount William National Park, and has the distinction of being Tasmania's most north-easterly town.

Visitor Information

Gladstone Hotel, 37 Chaffey St; (03) 6357 2143.

Nearby national parks

  • Mount William National Park

    Tucked away in the remote north-east corner of the state, Mount William National Park is fringed with gorgeous bays stretching from Ansons...more

  • Ben Lomond National Park

    Ben Lomond National Park, enclosing the largest alpine plateau in the state, is a mountain environment with extensive and dramatic dolerite...more

  • Strzelecki National Park

    Strzelecki National Park is hidden away in the south-west corner of Flinders Island. Here you can climb granite mountains to marvel at...more

Nearby towns

  • Derby

    This small north-eastern town was born when tin was discovered in 1874 and the 'Brothers Mine' opened two years later. The Cascade Dam was...more

  • St Helens

    At the head of Georges Bay, St Helens is the largest centre on Tasmania’s east coast. Excellent sport fishing, aquamarine water,...more

  • Scottsdale

    Scottsdale, the major town in Tasmania's north-east, serves some of the richest agricultural and forestry country in the state. Indeed, as...more

In Town

Gladstone cemetery: A historic reminder of the miners, including many Chinese, who were drawn to the area; Carr St.


Mt William National Park This fairly remote park, created in 1973, protects Tasmania’s forester kangaroo and many bird species. The view takes in the sandy beaches and coastal heath of the state’s north-east corner and extends north to the Furneaux Islands and south to St Marys. With rolling hills, rugged headlands and pristine beaches this park offers swimming, fishing, diving and bushwalking. Georges Rocks and Eddystone Pt are favoured diving spots, while Ansons Bay is well known for bream and Australian bass fishing. Walks vary in difficulty and are signposted. At Eddystone Pt, at the southern end of the park, stands a historic, pink-granite lighthouse. Contact Parks & Wildlife Service on 1300 135 513; 25 km E.Bay of Fires Walk This walk highlights the best of Mount William National Park and offers first-class accomodation. Read more (03) 6391 9339.

Blue Lake: disused tin mine filled with brilliant blue water (coloured by pyrites) and safe for swimming and waterskiing; South Mt Cameron; 8 km S.

Cube Rock: large granite monolith on an outcrop, reached by 3 hr return climb; South Mt Cameron; 8 km S.

Beaches: magnificent beaches to the north, including Petal Pt; 25 km N.

Geological formations: impressive granite formations between Gladstone and South Mt Cameron.

Gem fossicking: smoky quartz, topaz and amethyst can be found in the district; contact visitor centre for details.

Fishing spots near town

St Helens 46 km

Most mainlanders once regarded Tasmania’s east coast seaport of St Helens as a gamefishing destination, and little else. Anglers came here to head offshore in search of marlin, tuna and sharks. However, the... Find out more

Flinders Island 85 km

Flinders Island is halfway across Bass Strait. Air travel to the island is limited but it’s worth the effort. Most anglers who visit the island and sample the fishing return full of praise for the place. Flinders... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Bay of Fires Walk 26 km

A deluxe four-day walk along the magnificent north-east coast at the edge of Mount William National Park, staying in solar-powered accommodation designed for sustainable living, is one of the newer ecotourism treats in... Find out more

Forest Ecocentre, Scottsdale 47 km

The uniquely designed building is probably the key attraction here. Designed to use 20 per cent less energy than conventional structures, it has a building within a building, with a central funnel and large fan. Learn... Find out more

Tamar Island 91 km

This important wetland habitat just 10 minutes from the heart of Launceston features a great bird-viewing hide, 3.2 kilometres of easy walking tracks and an interpretation centre.... Find out more

Golf courses around town

Barnbougle Dunes Links (Lost Farm course) 47 km

When Barnbougle Dunes opened for play in 2004 it did have a few critics who suggested it was too far away from the golfing masses to be financially successful. How wrong they were. If a golf course is good enough,... Find out more

Barnbougle Dunes Links 48 km

Bridport used to be a sleepy fishing village on Tasmania’s north-east coast. That all changed in 2004. In December of that year Barnbougle Dunes Links opened for play on the eastern outskirts of town – and... Find out more

Nearby eco-friendly places to eat

Purple Possum Wholefoods and Cafe 70 km

Purple Possum is in the great little town of St Marys, midway between St Helens and Bicheno. The cafe is wholly vegetarian, and you can take away a range of organic fruit and vegetables and locally grown supplies.... Find out more

Nearby breweries

Iron House Brewery 73 km

When White Sands Resort came on the market a few years ago it proved too tempting for Devonport businessman John White, who already runs several companies bearing his surname. Rebranded as White Sands Estate, the... Find out more

Boag's (J.Boag & Son) 90 km

With several different owners over the past 100 years, J. Boag and Son typifies the sometimes turbulent history of Australian brewing and the minor miracle of surviving at all into the 21st century. Scotsman James Boag... Find out more

Campsites around town

Musselroe Bay camping area 20 km

There is camping suited to big rigs in this remote coastal conservation area north of Mt William National Park. Drive north-east of Gladstone along the Musselroe Bay Rd (C845), 8 km past the park information booth. The... Find out more

Stumpys Bay – campsite no. 1 20 km

The first of 4 campsites in Stumpys Bay, this one gives access to the middle of the beach. Take the second right turn off Musselroe Rd (C845), 5 km past the self-registration booth, onto Forester Kangaroo Dr. After 2 km,... Find out more

Stumpys Bay – campsite no. 2 20 km

Smaller than campsite no. 1, this is the best site for tents and it has safer swimming. Access is off Forester Kangaroo Dr, 400 m past the access track to campsite no. 1. Tent sites are scattered among trees in an open... Find out more

Stumpys Bay – campsite no. 3 20 km

If you are planning on boating then head to this campsite, which has the only beach launching site in the Stumpys area. Beach access requires 4WD. Generators can be used here, so you can set up with all mod cons. Take... Find out more

Stumpys Bay – campsite no. 4 21 km

This is the most developed camping ground in the Stumpys area, with shady spots for about 25 tents or small vans. The beach is close and there is some excellent beachcombing to be had if you head south towards Cobler... Find out more

Top Camp camping area 21 km

There is every chance you will have the beautiful beach next to this campsite to yourself, as few people venture to the northern edge of the park. There are a small number of rather exposed sites behind the beach. Access... Find out more

Petal Point camping area 21 km

If you like to be alone on a windswept beach, with only seabirds for company, then this remote coastal camping area is for you. Head to the far north-east corner of Tasmania, where there are campsites tucked into the... Find out more

Little Musselroe Bay camping area 22 km

This is a stunningly beautiful bay with views to the Furneaux Islands and an abundance of birdlife. Drive along Cape Portland Rd, 27 km north of Gladstone, and then 200 m into the sheltered bayside camping area. Best to... Find out more

Deep Creek camping area 25 km

This out-of-the-way camping area is in the south of the park, 9 km along Eddystone Point Rd (C846) off Ansons Rd, turning left 3 km before the lighthouse. Camping areas are 3 km along this track. Be sure to detour along... Find out more

Policemans Point camping area 26 km

There are plenty of beachside camping sites among shady trees at this isolated camping area on the southern side of Ansons Bay. You need to bring a portable toilet. Access is 35 km north of St Helens along the gravel... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park 46 km

This is a good quality establishment 1.5 km south of town. The park is a popular holiday destination and bookings are required in peak periods; a minimum-length stay applies at Christmas, Easter and long weekends.... Find out more

Treasure Island Caravan Park 91 km

Launceston has just this one caravan park. It is about 2 km south of the city centre and is easily accessible from the freeway when approaching from the south. The park has good facilities and is a good base to use when... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Bay of Fires Lodge

The best way to reach this award-winning environmentally sensitive lodge is by throwing on your walking shoes and traversing some of Tasmania’s most magical wilderness beaches. Bay of Fires Lodge sits deep in Mount... Find out more

Gladstone Hotel

This is an out-of-the-way corner of Tasmania and the accommodation is very limited, as most people just pass through on their way to seaside shacks or campgrounds in nearby Mount William National Park. The Gladstone... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Rainbow Retreat 70 km

The owners of this 30-hectare nature reserve at St Marys are wildlife carers who rehabilitate then release wildlife on the property, so there are plenty of their old friends wandering around, including wombats,... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Derby park area 27 km

At Derby

Adjacent to the highway on a riverbank. Town's north side.

Cosy Corner North camping area 37 km

T/O at St Helens

In the scrub on the foreshore 15km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay and Garden rds.

Cosy Corner South Camp Area 37 km

T/O at St Helens via Binalong Bay Road

Large camp area in the scrub on the foreshore 14 kilometres north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay Road and Garden Road.

Swimcart Beach camping area 38 km

T/O at St Helens

Surrounded by scrub on the foreshore 13km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay and Garden rds.

Jeanneret Beach camping area 39 km

T/O at St Helens

Surrounded by scrub on the foreshore 12km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay and Garden rds.

Grants Lagoon camping area 40 km

T/O at St Helens

In a natural bush setting 10km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay and Garden rds.

Moulting Bay camping area 42 km

T/O at St Helens

In scrub near the foreshore 7km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay Rd and 1km (unsealed) south via Moulting Bay Track.

Dora Point camping area 44 km

T/O at St Helens

In scrub near the foreshore 8km north-east of St Helens via Binalong Bay Rd and 5km (unsealed) south of Binalong Bay via Dora Point Rd.

Scottsdale rest area 47 km

At Scottsdale

Just off the highway. On the east side of town.

St Helens park area 47 km

At St Helens

On the foreshore on the south side of town. Adjacent to the highway.

Dianas Basin camping area 51 km

T/O 10km N of Scamander (R) or 8km S of St Helens (L)

Well off the highway with numerous secluded campsites located in the scrub between the basin and the beach.

Paddys Island camping area 54 km

8km N of Scamander (R) or 10km S of St Helens (L)

Just off the highway surrounded by scrub.

Scamander Forest camping area 56 km

T/O at Beaumaris

Among trees on the banks of Trout Creek 11km west of Beaumaris via Skyline Dr.

Shelly Point Camp Area 57 km

4 km N of Scamander (R) or 14 km S of St Helens (L)

Small camp area located just off the highway in the scrub near the foreshore.

NOTE: Campervans only.

Sideling Lookout park area 59 km

17km SW of Scottsdale (L) or 45km NE of Launceston (R)

Adjacent to the highway with good views over the surrounding countryside.

Myrtle Park camping area 66 km

T/O 31km SW of Scottsdale (R) or 31km NE of Launceston (L)

Well off the highway on the banks of St Patricks River.

Little Beach camping area 78 km

T/O 32km N of Bicheno (R) or 25km S of Scamander (L)

Well off the highway and near the beach.

Lagoons Beach camping area 80 km

T/O 29km N of Bicheno (R) or 28km S of Scamander (L)

Well off the highway with numerous secluded sites in the scrub between the lagoon and the beach.

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