Smokey Joe’s Creole Cafe

Smokey Joe’s roots are in the hills of Missouri, where French and African-American cuisine meet Creole’s rich and spicy flavours. Happily for Launceston he has ended up here, serving a beguiling mix of Cajun Creole and smoky Caribbean-influenced food in this cheap and cheerful eatery. Real filé seasoning from the Missouri mountains goes into his gumbo and he grows his own explosively hot chillies and smokes them with tomatoes and ribs in his smoker out back. With Ozark barbecued beef, Trinidad smoked tomato flat bread, Jamaican curried goat, Creole sausage, Cajun chicken and smoked spare ribs on the menu – to eat in or takeaway – it’s little wonder Smokey Joe is the preferred caterer for touring international music acts.

Contact information

20 Lawrence St; (03) 6331 0530; open Tues–Sat for lunch and dinner


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