Callington Mill, prior to the renovations, Attila Bicskos / Auscape International

Population 540

Approaching Oatlands from the north, look out for the topiary and striking metal sculptures by the roadside. The topiaries are a local tradition from the 1960s, while the recently created metal sculptures depict earlier times in the district. The town is on the shores of Lake Dulverton and has the largest collection of Georgian sandstone buildings in a village environment – with much of the stone from local quarries.

Visitor Information

Callington Mill Complex, 1 Mill La; (03) 6254 1212


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  • Mount Field National Park

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In Town

Callington Mill Built in 1836, the old mill is a feature of Oatlands that was fully operational until 1892. After being battered by the elements and gutted by fire in the early 1900s, it was finally restored as part of Australia's bicentenary. The view from the top floor takes in Lake Dulverton. The visitors centre is also located at the mill and runs tours 10am–4pm Mon–Sun. 1 Mill La.

Lake Dulverton: the lake is stocked with trout and onshore is a wildlife sanctuary protecting many bird species. Popular picnic spot; Esplanade.

Fielding's Ghost Tours: tours run by local historian Peter Fielding; bookings on (03) 6254 1135.

Historical walk: takes in the many Georgian buildings, including the convict-built Court House (1829); 'Welcome to Historic Oatlands' brochure from visitor centre.

Scottish, Irish and Welsh Shop: stocks over 500 tartans, clan crests, badges, pins, and arts and crafts; open Mon, Thurs, Fri and Sun; 64 High St.

Skulduggery: mystery tour game following true crime clues around town; available from visitor centre.


Convict-built mud walls: 13 km S on Jericho Rd.

Fishing: excellent trout fishing in Lake Sorell and Lake Crescent; 29 km NW.

Fishing spots near town

Lake River 53 km

‘Tasmania is in drought, we simply don’t have enough water,’ said my guide Roger Butler as we departed Hobart for Lake River, which joins the Macquarie River south of Launceston. We reached our... Find out more

Arthurs Lake 54 km

Tasmanians claim that ‘even novices can catch trout in Arthurs Lake’. This probably explains why this waterway is Tasmania’s most popular trout fishery, hosting more anglers than any other water... Find out more

Twin Lakes 56 km

I always thought the title of John Gierach’s entertaining book Where the Trout are all as Long as your Leg was a little farfetched, until I realised it related to a time when he was five years old. I am a little... Find out more

Golf courses around town

Tasmania Golf Club 58 km

The challenge a golf course presents can often be measured by the quality of player it produces. At Tasmania Golf Club, the name Goggin crops up regularly on the honour boards. Lindy Goggin, a three-time Australian... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town


At Casaveen, located in the midst of Tasmania’s fine merino wool country, you can watch this world-renowned fibre being fashioned into country-style jumpers, scarves and beanies. Once you’ve browsed the... Find out more

Nearby breweries

Moo Brew 57 km

With its striking, glass and steel brewhouse perched high above the Derwent River, Moo Brew is probably the best-appointed microbrewery in the land. It’s also part of Moorilla Estate, situated on the outskirts of... Find out more

Two Metre Tall Company 58 km

Ashley Huntington actually is 2 metres tall – probably taller if you include his mop of curly hair – and his generous height is also the name for the craftbrewing enterprise he runs from the Derwent... Find out more

Campsites around town

Lake Dulverton Roadside Stopover camping area 1 km

A stopover here is worthwhile to check out the historic town of Oatlands. Visit the restored working Callington Mill, or take a walking tour around the town, nature walk around the lake or drive around the district on... Find out more

Dago Point camping area 25 km

Among tall trees along the Lake Sorell foreshore are about 100 gloriously secluded camping spots. It is more than likely you’ll be the only one here. There is plenty of firewood, an old water tank (boil or treat... Find out more

Kempton Overnight Bay camping area 29 km

This sizeable layover is ideal for travellers looking for a quiet overnight stop between Hobart and Launceston. Tiny Kempton has an old-world village atmosphere with galleries, cafes, churches and heritage houses to... Find out more

Bothwell Camping Ground 31 km

Right in the centre of town, this unshaded gravel park in Market Pl is set up mainly for vans rather than tents. Bothwell is off the beaten track but well worth a visit for its history and craft, not forgetting it is... Find out more

Woods Lake camping area (bush camping) 38 km

There are bush-camping sites between the boat ramp and the dam wall, as well as around the north-eastern edge of the lake. No facilities are provided, so you need to bring firewood and water. Because this is a popular... Find out more

Lake Leake camping area 48 km

Back in the 1880s, this lake was created for Campbell Town’s water supply. Today it is a premium trout water, regularly stocked with brook and rainbow trout, and said to offer some of Tasmania’s best early-... Find out more

Mayfield Bay camping area 54 km

Space for seaside camping is tucked in beside the Tasman Hwy (A3) at the southern end of Mayfield Bay, 15 km south of Swansea. There is plenty of room for big rigs here, and with boat-launching access as well chances are... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Ross Caravan Park 32 km

Close to the centre of town, on the banks of the Macquarie River and adjoining historic buildings, this small, appealing park is one of the better parks in the midlands. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Treasure Island Caravan Park 57 km

Located about 9 km north-west of the city, this is a quiet, off-highway park on the banks of the Derwent River. It is close to the Cadbury Factory, a popular tourist attraction, and close to shops. This is an older park... Find out more

New Norfolk Caravan Park 58 km

Across the road from the Derwent River, the park is in a picturesque location just 1.5 km from the centre of town. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Lakeview Cottage

If you don’t mind sharing and you’re on a budget, Lakeview Cottage sleeps up to ten in an 1827 rough-hewn sandstone cottage with a modern extension. There is a communal kitchen and shared bathroom. The... Find out more

Oatlands Lodge

This grand two-storey Georgian manor house is a reminder that Oatlands was once planned as one of Tasmania’s most important cities, with 80 kilometres of streets surveyed but never laid out. The Lodge was built... Find out more

Waverley Cottage 

Dotted in and around the little colonial village of Oatlands, four of these five cottages date back to the mid-1800s and they all offer a variety of B&B choices. The oldest is two-storey Amelia Cottage in the High... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Curringa Farm 55 km

Near Hamilton, about an hour’s drive west of Hobart, this eco-accredited 300-hectare property gives visitors a taste of sustainable farming practices.Give a couple of day’s notice and you can tour the farm,... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Oatlands rest area 1 km

At Oatlands

On the banks of Lake Dulverton, just off the main street.

St Peters Pass rest area 7 km

8km N of Oatlands (R) or 28km S of Ross (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Pub With No Beer rest area 28 km

3km SE of Bothwell (R) or 18km NW of Midland Hwy (L)

Among a few trees adjacent to the highway.

Kempton camping area 29 km

At Kempton

Just off the highway. At the south end of town.

Ross park area 32 km

At Ross

At the historic bridge on the road into town.

Blackburn Creek rest area 41 km

29km SE of Miena (R) or 27km NW of Bothwell (L)

Among a few trees adjacent to the highway.

Lagoon of Islands rest area 41 km

T/O at Steppes

On the shores of a lake 4km (unsealed) east of the highway.

Campbell Town rest area 42 km

At Campbell Town

On the banks of the river on the south side of town.

Little Swanport rest area 47 km

21km N of Triabunna (L) or 28km S of Swansea (R)

On the north side of the bridge at the Swanport River.

Raspins Beach park area 51 km

1km N of Orford (R) or 7km S of Triabunna (L)

Adjacent to the highway overlooking the foreshore. Toilets located 200m south.

Hamilton camping area 53 km

At Hamilton

Basic caravan-park facilities among a few trees on the banks of the Clyde River. In the middle of town.

Conara rest area 53 km

At Conara

Just off the highway at the turn-off into town.

Mayfield Bay camping area 54 km

34km N of Triabunna (R) or 15km S of Swansea (L)

Just off the highway among trees on the foreshore with excellent coastal views.

Pumphouse Bay camping area 54 km

T/O 13km SE of Miena (L) or 43km NW of Bothwell (R)

On the edge of a lake 6km (partly unsealed) north of the highway via Poatina Rd.

Jonah Bay camping area 54 km

T/O 13km SE of Miena (L) or 43km NW of Bothwell (R)

Among trees on the edge of a lake 10km (partly unsealed) north of the highway via Poatina and Gunns Marsh rds.

Gretna park area 55 km

At Gretna

Under shady trees next to the sports oval and fire station.

Ouse rest area 57 km

At Ouse

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees at Grace Nicholson Apex Park. On the east side of town.

New Norfolk park area 58 km

At New Norfolk

Just off the highway. In the middle of town.

What's on around town

Oatlands Open Day: Oct.

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