Mountain Valley, Loongana

Mountain Valley is off the beaten tourist track, situated around 64 kilometres south-west of Devonport (due south of Burnie). Visitors here stay in rustic cabins with open fireplaces on a private and remote 60-hectare nature reserve. Platypus are visible in the tannin-stained Leven River and wild quolls and devils come right to your door, attracted by chopped up roadkill occasionally left there by the owners, which helps keep the devils themselves off the road. There is abundant birdlife and beautiful walks through wet sclerophyll forest on a lush carpet of lime moss to glow-worm caves. Despite its isolation you can access the Penguin to Cradle walk (see Near Devonport/Hiking), or go for a challenging hike up Black Bluff.

Contact Information

(03) 6429 1394

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