Kings Run Wildlife Tours

A wildlife tour in which the host starts by attaching a road-killed wallaby to the back of his utility and dragging it for several kilometres through his property is unusual to say the least. But this extraordinary wildlife tour on land that used to be grazed, until the owner had his eyes opened to its natural values, is a treat. As well as learning about Aboriginal and natural history of the area, encountering wombats, wallabies and birds such as the yellow-throated honeyeater, you have a 90 per cent chance of seeing wild Tasmanian devils. They smell the carcass and come in to feed on it, within metres of a cabin where you look out while sharing snacks and a glass or two. The tour leaves from either Marrawah or Arthur River on the far north-west coast, and it is worth staying nearby, not only because this remote coastline is so beautiful, but also because the evenings can finish quite late, particularly in summer.

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