Marrawah Tavern

This is as far as you can go west in Tasmania and still sit in a bar. Just down the road at the famous Greens Beach, monster waves arrive uninterrupted from Tierra del Fuego if the weather is right. Not surprisingly, given its location, the walls of this two-room pub are decorated with pictures of the surf and the sea, and the punters at the bar are either surfers, farmers, or both. On the menu there’s the usual pub grub – pepper steak and whole flounder are standouts – but the attraction here is the location, the talk (usually involving the weather) and the beer. They’re open every day for counter meals and can rightly claim to be ‘the best in the west’, but only partly because there’s no competition.

Contact information

821 Comeback Rd, Marrawah; (03) 6457 1102; open daily for lunch and dinner

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