Seven Sheds

A combined microbrewery, meadery and hop garden, Seven Sheds was opened in May 2008 by this book’s author and his partner Catherine Stark on their property in north-west Tasmania. All ales are brewed in 5-hectolitre batches in shallow, open fermenters and hand-bottled in 750 ml sparkling-wine bottles; Kentish Ale is the regular brew and seasonals have included a dark, spiced, strong ale (Willie Warmer) and a raspberry-infused wheat ale (Razzamatazz). Hop varieties cultivated at Seven Sheds include Fuggle, Golding, Leggett and Styrian Golding, with aims for the venture to be self-sufficient in estate-grown hop cones.

Signature Beer

Seven Sheds Kentish Ale

Contact Information

22 Crockers Street, Railton 7305 Tours by appointment; tastings; takeaway sales

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