Maria Island National Park

This beautiful island, just a short ferry ride from near Triabunna, is a haven for wildlife both on land and offshore. Not-to-be-missed features include the beautifully patterned Painted Cliffs, and the sea creatures entombed in Fossil Cliffs. You can head out to the island for just a few hours, catching the afternoon ferry back, or stay at either the bunkhouse in the old penitentiary, or at one of the three campsites. There is great diving and snorkelling at the ferry pier and Painted Cliffs, mountain-biking, and of course walking. One of the most enjoyable ways to see the island is the four-day guided Maria Island Walk, where you carry just a few personal belongings and lunch, are treated to fine dining and wine, walk only moderate distances each day and stay in very comfortable fixed camps and a historic house. The guided walks are only held from October to April.

Contact Info

PWS Seven Mile Beach: (03) 6257 1420

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