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Population 2170

The area around Pontville (declared a town in 1830) was first explored by Europeans when Hobart experienced severe food shortages in the early 1800s. Soldiers were sent north to kill emus and kangaroos. One of them, Private Hugh Germain, is allegedly responsible for the unusual names found in the region, such as Bagdad, Jericho, Lake Tiberius and Jordan River. Legend has it that Germain carried copies of Arabian Nights and The Bible and found his inspiration within.

Visitor Information

Council offices, Tivoli Rd, Gagebrook; (03) 6268 7000.

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In Town

Historic buildings Many buildings remain from Pontville's early days, including the Romanesque St Mark's Church (1841), The Sheiling (1819) and The Row, thought to have been built in 1824 as soldiers quarters. On or adjacent to Midland Hwy.


Bonorong Wildlife Park: popular attraction showing Tasmanian devils, quolls, echidnas, koalas, wombats and Forester kangaroos; Briggs Rd, Brighton; 5 km S.

Historic towns: Brighton (3 km S), Tea Tree (7 km E), Bagdad (8 km N), Broadmarsh (10 km W) and Kempton (19 km N).

Port Arthur see inset box on next page

Fishing spots near town

The Springs 23 km

Visitors to Hobart who are short on time can get a trout fix less than 20 mins’ drive from the CBD at an exclusive fishery called The Springs. It is a year-round fishery and is restricted to a maximum of two... Find out more

Salmon Ponds 25 km

Most Australian trout anglers regard Tasmania as the nation’s premier trout destination. It’s like Tasmania was purpose-designed for trout, with hundreds of lakes and a cooler climate. Mother Nature... Find out more

Twin Lakes 40 km

I always thought the title of John Gierach’s entertaining book Where the Trout are all as Long as your Leg was a little farfetched, until I realised it related to a time when he was five years old. I am a little... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Island Cycle Tours 23 km

This innovative company offers guided and self-guided cycling tours, ranging from three-hour jaunts in and around Hobart, to three-week expeditions on the west coast. There are trips to combine cycling and hiking, and... Find out more

Salamanca Market 23 km

With so much excellent fresh produce in Tasmania, you should consider picking up some local organic fruits and vegetables and cooking up your own feast. Try the famous Salamanca Market (Saturday 8.30am–3pm) or City... Find out more

Mount Wellington Walks 24 km

You can quite easily pick up a map and explore Hobart’s wilderness playground on your own but, for initiates, the maze of tracks may be best travelled with a guide who will show you bushfoods and wildlife, teach... Find out more

Golf courses around town

Tasmania Golf Club 25 km

The challenge a golf course presents can often be measured by the quality of player it produces. At Tasmania Golf Club, the name Goggin crops up regularly on the honour boards. Lindy Goggin, a three-time Australian... Find out more

Royal Hobart Golf Club 27 km

Royal Hobart Golf Club has come a long way from humble beginnings. It started out at Sandy Bay, not far from where Wrest Point Casino stands today, in 1896. Known as the Newlands course, it was an incredible par- 89:... Find out more

Nearby breweries

Moo Brew 14 km

With its striking, glass and steel brewhouse perched high above the Derwent River, Moo Brew is probably the best-appointed microbrewery in the land. It’s also part of Moorilla Estate, situated on the outskirts of... Find out more

Cascade Brewery 24 km

It’s impossible not to wax lyrical about the Cascade Brewery. It is the oldest working brewery in the country, one of the quaintest-looking industrial buildings and it’s located in the most picturesque of... Find out more

Two Metre Tall Company 26 km

Ashley Huntington actually is 2 metres tall – probably taller if you include his mop of curly hair – and his generous height is also the name for the craftbrewing enterprise he runs from the Derwent... Find out more

Campsites around town

Kempton Overnight Bay camping area 18 km

This sizeable layover is ideal for travellers looking for a quiet overnight stop between Hobart and Launceston. Tiny Kempton has an old-world village atmosphere with galleries, cafes, churches and heritage houses to... Find out more

Bothwell Camping Ground 39 km

Right in the centre of town, this unshaded gravel park in Market Pl is set up mainly for vans rather than tents. Bothwell is off the beaten track but well worth a visit for its history and craft, not forgetting it is... Find out more

Lake Dulverton Roadside Stopover camping area 44 km

A stopover here is worthwhile to check out the historic town of Oatlands. Visit the restored working Callington Mill, or take a walking tour around the town, nature walk around the lake or drive around the district on... Find out more

Mount Field Campground 45 km

This pretty caravan park and campground next to the Tyenna River has sites suitable for every camper, from big rigs to 2-person tents. Set up on the neat lawns underneath giant swamp gums and, as evening draws in, watch... Find out more

Bethune Park camping area 47 km

Beside Meadowbank Lake, this grassy camping and picnic area has sites that can accommodate big rigs. Perfect for waterskiers and anglers, there’s a launching ramp close by on the eastern side of Dunrobin Bridge.... Find out more

Lime Bay camping area 47 km

This picturesque, grassed camping area is 4 km beyond the historic mining site and is the starting point for an easy, scenic walk to Greens Point cliffs and Lagoon Beach. Gas/fuel stoves are recommended, and you need to... Find out more

Franklin Foreshore Reserve RV Camping Ground 50 km

After a day touring the gourmet delights of the Huon Valley, this riverside park is a good central location to camp. There are sites all along the foreshore just a short walk from Franklin’s main street. Facilities... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Treasure Island Caravan Park 14 km

Located about 9 km north-west of the city, this is a quiet, off-highway park on the banks of the Derwent River. It is close to the Cadbury Factory, a popular tourist attraction, and close to shops. This is an older park... Find out more

New Norfolk Caravan Park 19 km

Across the road from the Derwent River, the park is in a picturesque location just 1.5 km from the centre of town. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Barilla Holiday Park 22 km

This is a quality park on the outskirts of greater Hobart. It has most facilities for the discerning traveller including an eatery, and a ‘putt-putt’ golf course that is worth seeing. We like this park.... Find out more

Snug Beach Cabin and Caravan Park 42 km

A quality seaside park south of Hobart, this place is tourist oriented and has good facilities at a good price. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Lythgo’s Row Cottages

Along a driveway lined with elms and rhododendrons, this whitewashed Georgian terrace of two-storey cottages is steeped in Pontville’s convict past. The builder, William Lythgo, and his wife, Sarah, were... Find out more

Armytage House

Armytage House is a superb renovation of the 1830s barn that used to store the grain for Milford Manor. The manor is long gone but the sandstone and handmade-brick walls of the barn enclose honey-coloured polished... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Curringa Farm 41 km

Near Hamilton, about an hour’s drive west of Hobart, this eco-accredited 300-hectare property gives visitors a taste of sustainable farming practices.Give a couple of day’s notice and you can tour the farm,... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Kempton camping area 18 km

At Kempton

Just off the highway. At the south end of town.

New Norfolk park area 19 km

At New Norfolk

Just off the highway. In the middle of town.

Gretna park area 27 km

At Gretna

Under shady trees next to the sports oval and fire station.

Pub With No Beer rest area 38 km

3km SE of Bothwell (R) or 18km NW of Midland Hwy (L)

Among a few trees adjacent to the highway.

Hamilton camping area 38 km

At Hamilton

Basic caravan-park facilities among a few trees on the banks of the Clyde River. In the middle of town.

Oatlands rest area 44 km

At Oatlands

On the banks of Lake Dulverton, just off the main street.

Bethune Camp Area 47 km

T/O 7 km SE of Ouse (R) or 7 km NW of Hamilton (L)

Large grassed area 2.3 kilometres south-west of the highway via Dawson Road.

NOTE: Self-contained vehicles only.

Dunalley park area 50 km

At Dunalley

Adjacent to the highway. On the south side of town.

St Peters Pass rest area 50 km

8km N of Oatlands (R) or 28km S of Ross (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Ouse rest area 50 km

At Ouse

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees at Grace Nicholson Apex Park. On the east side of town.

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