Felons Bistro

Located in a wing of the historic site’s visitor centre, this large bistro-style restaurant invites you to ‘dine with conviction’ and offers top-of-the-range dishes full of great Tasmanian ingredients. There are entrées of oysters, quail and lamb but the seafood bouillabaisse with pesto and lemon is a standout. Among mains of salmon, venison, steak and chicken, the flavoursome Cajun fish with bacon and mushroom mashed potato is another tasty star. They do a brisk trade with people heading off on the nightly ghost tours, but if you want to have a relaxed dinner it’s best to book your table for after the tour – if your stomach can take it!

Contact information

Port Arthur Historic Site Visitor Centre; (03) 6251 2310 or 1800 659 101; open daily for dinner



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