Tahune AirWalk

Located 29 kilometres from Geeveston, this unashamed public relations exercise for Forestry Tasmania starts on the serpentine drive out to the AirWalk, where signs clearly state when an area was last logged. There are some delightful short walks and picnic spots along the way. At the site, the temptation is to head straight to the disabled-accessible, 1.6-kilometre AirWalk, rising to nearly 40 metres above the forest floor.

However, of the three walks on offer, the best is the short and flat Huon Pine Walk, where the grand old pines, clothed in a green lichen garb, are hundreds or thousands of years old. You will also be introduced to celery-top pines, native laurel, stringybark, dogwood, fishbone ferns and tree ferns. The whole experience gives you a great appreciation of the trees that the foresters would love to chop down. In summer, this attraction is packed – it is the second biggest tourist attraction in Tasmania (after Port Arthur). You can camp for free at the site, where Tasmanian devils and other wildlife roam around at night, but there are no hot showers.

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PWS Huonville: (03) 6264 8460


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