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Population 728

When Maria (pronounced 'mar-eye-ah') Island was a penal settlement, Triabunna (pronounced 'try-a-bunnah') was a garrison town and whaling base. After an initial boom, this small, south-east coast town settled into relative obscurity, content with its role as a centre for the scallop and abalone industries.

Visitor Information

Cnr Charles St and Esplanade; (03) 6256 4772

Nearby national parks

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  • Freycinet National Park

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In Town

Tasmanian Seafarers' Memorial: commemorates those who lost their lives at sea; Esplanade.

Girraween Gardens and Tearooms: with large lily pond, day lilies, roses and agapanthus; Henry St.


Maria Island National Park After the convicts were moved to Port Arthur, the island was leased to Italian merchant Diego Bernacchi, who envisaged first a Mediterranean idyll and then a cement works. Both projects were short-lived. Today, bushwalks are popular. The extensive fossil deposits of the Painted Cliffs are magnificent and the historic penal settlement of Darlington is also of interest. Daily ferry to the island from town. Contact Parks & Wildlife Service on 1300 135 513. Four-day guided walks of the island, staying in luxury accommodation, are available through Maria Island Walk; bookings (03) 6234 2999; 7 km S.

Orford: pleasant walk along Old Convict Rd following Prosser River; 7 km SW.

Thumbs Lookout: stunning views of Maria Island; 9 km SW.

Church of St John the Baptist: heritage church (1846) with a stained-glass window (taken from England's Battle Abbey) depicting John the Baptist's life; Buckland; 25 km SW.

Beaches: safe swimming beaches around area; contact visitor centre for details.

Fishing spots near town

Twin Lakes 27 km

I always thought the title of John Gierach’s entertaining book Where the Trout are all as Long as your Leg was a little farfetched, until I realised it related to a time when he was five years old. I am a little... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Freycinet Adventures 52 km

One of the best ways to experience the Freycinet environment is a morning paddle with Freycinet Adventures. You glide across Great Oyster Bay to a beautiful secluded beach, indulging in a scrumptious morning tea with... Find out more

Golf courses around town

Tasmania Golf Club 48 km

The challenge a golf course presents can often be measured by the quality of player it produces. At Tasmania Golf Club, the name Goggin crops up regularly on the honour boards. Lindy Goggin, a three-time Australian... Find out more

Royal Hobart Golf Club 52 km

Royal Hobart Golf Club has come a long way from humble beginnings. It started out at Sandy Bay, not far from where Wrest Point Casino stands today, in 1896. Known as the Newlands course, it was an incredible par- 89:... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town

Gateway Cafe

Facing the Prosser River bridge, this vast glass-fronted eatery has everything you could want for yourself and the kids. With sunny tables inside and out, there is plenty of space for the whole family to take a break... Find out more

Scorchers by the River

At Orford the highway takes a takes a sharp turn, crosses the bridge and heads happily north towards the sun along Tasmania’s east coast. At such an obvious spot for a break, Scorchers has always been a favourite... Find out more

Campsites around town

Darlington Campground (walk-in camping) 15 km

Although it might be peaceful during the day, this large, grassy campground between Darlington Penitentiary and Bernacchi Creek comes alive at night, when it is a top spot for wildlife-watching. The campground is a 500 m... Find out more

Frenchs Farm camping area (walk-in camping) 20 km

Camping areas here are in cleared paddocks around an old farmhouse at the northern end of remote Chinamans Bay, 11 km south of Darlington, but there is a 3 hr hike to reach it. The track is rocky or sandy in parts and... Find out more

Encampment Cove camping area (walk-in camping) 21 km

This very remote campsite overlooking Chinamans Bay and McRaes Isthmus is a 13 km, 4 hr hike south of Darlington, and is about 2 km from Frenchs Farm. Although there is no jetty access, it is often used by boating... Find out more

Mayfield Bay camping area 30 km

Space for seaside camping is tucked in beside the Tasman Hwy (A3) at the southern end of Mayfield Bay, 15 km south of Swansea. There is plenty of room for big rigs here, and with boat-launching access as well chances are... Find out more

Bryans Beach camping area (walk-in bush camping) 41 km

A 1 hr side trip from the main track, there is no water or toilet here at Bryans Beach.... Find out more

Cooks Beach camping area (walk-in camping) 42 km

This camping area is 2 hr from Hazards Beach and a 5–6 hr walk to Wineglass Bay over Mt Graham. The side track to Bryans Beach (1 hr) is well worth the effort. There is tank water here, at Cooks Hut, which should... Find out more

Hazards Beach camping area (walk-in camping) 47 km

This lovely camping area is at the southern end of Hazards Beach, reached after an easy 2 hr walk across the isthmus from Wineglass Bay, or 2 hr from the carpark trailhead via the Hazards Beach Track and Lemana Lookout.... Find out more

Wineglass Bay camping area (walk-in camping) 49 km

There is a small camping area at this unforgettably beautiful bay, 1.5 hr from the carpark trailhead. Drinking water is not always available here.... Find out more

Lake Dulverton Roadside Stopover camping area 50 km

A stopover here is worthwhile to check out the historic town of Oatlands. Visit the restored working Callington Mill, or take a walking tour around the town, nature walk around the lake or drive around the district on... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Barilla Holiday Park 53 km

This is a quality park on the outskirts of greater Hobart. It has most facilities for the discerning traveller including an eatery, and a ‘putt-putt’ golf course that is worth seeing. We like this park.... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Sanda House Colonial B&B

This place is living history. Reputed to be the oldest cottage in the area, its solid stone walls were certainly built to last. Not only do they house this cosy three-bedroom traditional B&B, it is rumoured there may... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Raspins Beach park area 6 km

1km N of Orford (R) or 7km S of Triabunna (L)

Adjacent to the highway overlooking the foreshore. Toilets located 200m south.

Little Swanport rest area 19 km

21km N of Triabunna (L) or 28km S of Swansea (R)

On the north side of the bridge at the Swanport River.

Mayfield Bay camping area 30 km

34km N of Triabunna (R) or 15km S of Swansea (L)

Just off the highway among trees on the foreshore with excellent coastal views.

Spikey Beach park area 37 km

42km NE of Triabunna (R) or 7km S of Swansea (L)

Just off the highway and on the foreshore.

Cressy Beach park area 39 km

44km NE of Triabunna (R) or 5km SW of Swansea (L)

Secluded in scrub just off the highway on the foreshore.

Swansea park area 43 km

At Swansea

On the south side of town via the esplanade.

Dunalley park area 44 km

At Dunalley

Adjacent to the highway. On the south side of town.

Oatlands rest area 50 km

At Oatlands

On the banks of Lake Dulverton, just off the main street.

Murdunna park area 50 km

At Murdunna

Adjacent to the highway. In the middle of town.

St Peters Pass rest area 51 km

8km N of Oatlands (R) or 28km S of Ross (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Coles Bay Camp Area 53 km

T/O 34 km NE of Swansea (R) or 9 km SW of Bicheno (L)

Large camp area located 29 kilometres south of highway near the foreshore. Limited shade.

NOTE: Powered sites available.

Moulting Lagoon camping area 53 km

T/O 34km NE of Swansea (R) or 9km SW of Bicheno (L)

On the foreshore surrounded by scrub 22km south of the highway via Coles Bay Rd.

Kempton camping area 59 km

At Kempton

Just off the highway. At the south end of town.

What's on around town

Seafest: March.

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