Avon Wilderness camping area (walk-in camping)

Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Hiking trails

Only fit and experienced hikers should attempt to go bush camping in this area. Talk to the ranger about the lie of the land, and don’t forget to register before you set out on your hike. You can reach the perimeter of the park via Mt Margaret Track off Licola Rd, or Mt Wellington Track off Moroka Rd.


Who to contact: Parks Victoria 13 1963

This campsite is located in Avon Wilderness Park

Avon Wilderness Park is a vast, undisturbed wonderland of forest-smothered ranges, just the place for adventurous bushwalkers to get right away from any beaten tracks. There are no facilities here and no vehicle access, just pristine wilderness to tramp through on your own. The park is 40 km north of Heyfield.

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