Buchan Caves

Before you even arrive, your kids will be intrigued by the name ‘Fairy Cave’. When you venture  underground and they see the glistening stalactites and stalagmites, they will not be disappointed. As  your guide relates the story of the cave’s discovery, you will know your kids are imagining what it was  like to be Frank Moon, that first adventurer, back in 1907, who lowered himself by rope 15 metres  down a dark hole into the unknown, and how it would feel to come across this amazing sight for the first time.

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Buchan Caves Reserve

Buchan–Bruthen Rd, Buchan; (03) 5162 1900

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■ Kangaroos grazing on the grassy slopes of the reserve, especially in the early morning and at dusk.

Fabulous Facts

Electricians who recently replaced the ageing, dangerous lighting in the caves found the job an  interesting challenge. Not only did they have to carry their equipment 1.5 kilometres underground but,  after working in the dark environment for five months, they had to be tested for Vitamin D deficiency.  And what’s more, they discovered if they tried to call out to workmates around a corner, their voices didn’t carry.

Insider Tips

■ This is a stop on the Bataluk Cultural Trail.

■ Buchan Caves can only be accessed by guided tours that run several times daily; check the website for times.
■ There are usually two caves open to the public: Fairy Cave and Royal Cave, both of which have  lighting and walkways. Royal Cave is known for its calcite-rimmed pools.
■ The surrounding reserve has campsites, a picnic ground, playground, toilets, kiosk and visitor  centre.
■ If you dare, you can take a dip in an icy pool fed by natural spring water from the depths of the  caves.
■ The caves are a constant 17 degrees Celsius, so dress appropriately.
■ Stalactites are the ones hanging down from the roof and stalagmites are the ones growing up from the floor. They are both created by a build up of droplets of rain water seeping through cracks and  dissolving some of the limestone.
■ Luxury camping is available at Wilderness Retreats.

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