Mitchell River

Families and friends on the fishing platform at Mitchell River, Steve Cooper

The estuary section of the Mitchell River begins at the rock barrier, about 5 km upstream from Bairnsdale. Bream are caught all the way through to where the silt jetties enter Lake King. The jetties look like two long arms running parallel into the lake. The southern one runs for a couple of kilometres and has a graded track suitable for all vehicles. Access is via Rivermouth Road out to Point Dawson, and as you drive out you’ll come across several drive-off areas where you can park and fish. The main river is up to 4 m deep along the silt jetties.

Upstream of the silt jetty, there is a fishing platform and boat ramp. The Cut, a shallow breakthrough to Jones Bay, is located at the start of the northern silt jetty across the river. This break often produces good fishing due to the number and variety of fish that continually move in and out of the river here.

Another top spot is Eagle Point Bluff, an escarpment upstream of the boat ramp on Masons Bend. It is a top bream spot, also noted for luderick and estuary perch. Access is via the Old Paynesville Road. Two Bells below the boat ramp at Eagle Point is a popular area for anglers.

Departing Eagle Point, driving towards Bairnsdale, the river is on your right and there are many access points for land-based anglers. As you near the town you will come across one of the most famous fishing areas, the old butter factory, before reaching the main highway bridge. The other top area is the Backwater. To get there, cross the bridge to the east side of the river and turn left. The Mitchell River often produces bag-limit catches of bream at the cut near Shadoof Lodge, and the Backwater through to the Wy Yung Bridge.

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