Errinundra National Park

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Errinundra National Park, Don Fuchs / Australian Geographic


In north-eastern Victoria, Errinundra National Park protects magnificent cool temperate rainforest and precious stands of ancient eucalypts. Most of the park is above 1000 metres and for much of the year it is shrouded in mist, drenched in rain or covered by snow. The unsealed, winding tracks are often closed due to extreme weather. The fertile plateau was a meeting place for Indigenous people, but little trace remains and European history is more evident with scattered remnants of goldmining, grazing and timber cutting.

The Errinundra Plateau is marked by three granite outcrops that attract sufficient rainfall to supply seven rivers. Victoria’s largest remaining cool temperate rainforest is dominated by fragrant sassafras and black olive berry, with mountain plum pines up to 400 years old. As well, extensive tall eucalypt forests and mixed forests spread across the plateau. In all, 600 plant species are found in the park.

Rare and endangered animals include the long-footed potoroo, and arboreal species such as gliders inhabit the mature trees. The rainforest and crystal-clear mountain streams provide the perfect environment for frogs. By day superb lyrebirds scratch on the forest floor, and at night you may hear the swoop of the powerful owl as it stuns its prey.

Bushwalking is possible but be prepared for wet weather at all times. A short, self-guided trail leads across the Errinundra Plateau, and a longer walk takes you from Frosty Hollow along the Coast Range Track to Goonmirk Rocks. There are also several lookouts. A scenic drive follows the route of photographer William Baldwin Spencer (along Errinundra, Gunmark, and Gap roads then Bonang Highway).

Fact file


Campsites at one location in the park; fuel stove required

Location and access

373 km east of Melbourne; 90 km north-east of Orbost via Princes Hwy then Combienbar Rd through Club Tce to Errinundra Rd

Park information

  • PV 13 1963
  • PV Bendoc (03) 6458 1456
  • PV Orbost (03) 5161 1222


39 870 ha

Visitor information

Orbost (03) 5154 2424


Frosty Hollow camping area

Frosty Hollow is the only camping area within Errinundra National Park, although there are a couple of other sites just outside the park boundary. South of here down Hensleigh Creek Rd is Waratah Lookout, but the best... Find out more

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