Gipsy Point

Gipsy Point, Steve Cooper

If you are after dusky flathead and black bream, then Gipsy Point – which marks the junction of the Wallagaraugh and Genoa rivers – offers easy access to some of the best fishing in the inlet. To get there, take the Mallacoota road from Genoa, and turn left at the signpost about halfway to Mallacoota. There are two boat ramps and mooring jetties at Gipsy Point. The main ramp is on the north side and this has a large jetty. A smaller ramp offers access to the Genoa River on the southern side of the point.

The area features shallow sand flats, channels, weed beds and fallen trees. Bream can be caught near the snags and close to the bank where there is overhanging vegetation, rock walls and deeper water.

When looking for areas holding bream there are a couple of indicators. The first are scars left on snags from barnacles that have been chewed off by bream. A second indicator is fresh diggings or craters on the sandbanks where these fish have been foraging for worms, crabs and yabbies.

You don’t have to travel far to find fish. Two of the biggest bream I have seen came from the rocks directly across river from the main boat ramp, and upstream about a kilometre in a small, shallow inlet just before the junction. Both fish topped 1.83 kg and were caught on the same day about one hour apart. One fish fell to a soft plastic lure, the other a fresh scrub worm.

Some of the biggest dusky flathead in southern Australia can  be found in the same area. Fish to  8 kg have been caught on baits, lures and flies. The biggest fish are in the deeper water, but lure and fly-fishers often prefer to work the shallow grounds because they like to see their fish. A favourite area for me is across river from the main boat ramp. A shallow, weedy area with a submerged sandbar dividing it from the river, this water has consistently produced good flathead fishing.

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