Lake Victoria

This lake joins Lake King at the popular boating and fishing town Paynesville, opposite Raymond Island. The piers on both sides of McMillan Strait here are popular with anglers, especially lure fishers who have found the combination of boat hulls and pier pilings an irresistible attraction for bream.

Hollands Landing, just inside the western entrance of Lake Victoria, offers a caravan park, shop, boat  ramp and a jetty off the main drag from which it is worth wetting a line. Hollands Landing ramp gives  direct access to McLennan Strait, a 9 km long channel that bends and twists from Lake Victoria to  Lake Wellington.

Places to fish in the Strait include the Woodpile, a cleared area about midway along the channel. Seacombe Landing, on the south side of the Strait also has a boat ramp, but is closer to Lake Wellington.

When fishing this water be aware the current can be strong and you may need to move several times before locating schools of bream.

Loch Sport seems a bit out of the way, but offers an alternative destination for anglers fishing this lake and has excellent boating facilities and causeway access to Ninety Mile Beach.

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