Mallacoota Inlet

View of the Mallacoota Inlet, Steve Cooper

Mallacoota Inlet, near the Victoria/NSW border, is one of Victoria’s largest estuaries. The Genoa and Wallagaraugh rivers and a host of smaller creeks and streams feed the inlet. The Wallagaraugh River joins the Genoa just above Gipsy Point, and this river in turn continues down to the sea at Mallacoota. There are smaller feeder rivers like the Betka and Maramingo, as well as bays, inlets and backwaters. Mountains and heavily forested shoreline offer shelter from the elements so that regardless of weather, there is always some protected water to fish.

This part of the world is popular with tourists and highly regarded by anglers both for the diversity and quality of fish. Anglers find plenty of joy here chasing black and yellowfin bream, dusky flathead, luderick, mullet, trevally, sand whiting, estuary perch, garfish, Australian salmon, tailor and mulloway, and prawning is popular with each new moon in summer and early autumn.

Like any waterway, it is a matter of looking around to find the right spot. The choice is wide, with many bays, inlets and backwaters. Finding good spots is much easier if you have a boat.

For those who want to stay close to camp, excellent whiting, mullet and trevally can be caught at Mallacoota. The wharf area is popular with holidaymakers who also take reasonable numbers of bream, leatherjacket, tailor and luderick. Some of the more common baits include prawns, bass yabbies and sandworms, with weed a favourite of luderick.

Black bream are the most sought species in the inlet. In most areas, it is a matter of finding likely looking snags and fishing around them.

The Narrows area, which is a neck of water joining the top and bottom lakes, is a hotspot for bream, flathead and the odd mulloway. The best fishing for mulloway is during summer nights. Baker Bight and Swimming Point are also well regarded for mulloway.

Live bait is best for dusky flathead, and Goodwin Sands, east of Snapper Point at the southern end of The Narrows, is a noted flathead area during the warmer months. Many anglers access the area by boat and then wade and cast lures and flies for flathead.

A few better-known areas for  big flathead include Cape Horn  and the inlets to Coleman and Muddy creeks.

Nearby Fishing Spots

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