Tambo River

Fishing at the cliffs on the Tambo River, Steve Cooper

The Tambo River is renowned for the quality of its bream fishing. From the mouth of the river at Lake King upstream past Johnsonville and Swan Reach, anglers can access long stretches of sheltered water above and below the Princes Highway bridge. Access below the bridge is from the road to Metung. If you want to head upstream, follow the Upper Tambo Road. Land-based access is also from McFarlanes Road, downstream from Johnsonville  boat ramp.

If you have a boat, there are vast areas of navigable water. Wide and reasonably deep in the lower reaches, the Tambo has large shallows upstream, but is navigable for about 20 km. It becomes shallow soon after the cliffs.

There are plenty of local names for favourite bream fishing spots along the river, the better known including Whelans, the Lucerne Paddock, the Cliffs, the Rough Road and the mouth. Drop in bait anywhere there is a snag and you will have a chance of catching a good fish.

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