Tamboon Inlet

84cm dusky flathead caught at Tamboon Inlet, Steve Cooper

The turn-off to Tamboon Inlet is on the Princes Highway at Cann River. Take the road to Tamboon Inlet, veering left on the Point Hicks road for about 5 km before turning right onto Peach Tree Creek Track which takes you to the boat-launching area and jetty at Fishermans Landing Arm. The hamlet of Tamboon comprises 12 or so houses and holiday flats. There are no shops, power or water, so campers are advised to take everything they need. The camping area has toilets but that is about all. The estuary isn’t always open to the sea but when it is, the fishing reaches its peak. In the estuary are luderick, bream, mullet, trevally, salmon, tailor and big dusky flathead. Because of its remoteness, the area doesn’t suffer from overfishing.

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