Bush camping (walk-in camping)

Fire prohibited Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Hiking trails Walking trails

Bush camping is permitted in the mountainous section of the park. Hidden Lagoon, which lies between Mt Langi Ghiran and the slightly shorter Mt Gorrin, is a popular spot for off-track hiking. Make sure you’re well-equipped for the walk, including having a plentiful supply of water. Talk to the rangers before setting out.


Who to contact: Parks Victoria 13 1963

This campsite is located in Langi Ghiran State Park

Located 13 km east of Ararat, 2500 ha Langi Ghiran State Park has impressive granite peaks that rise up from peaceful forests of yellow box and red gum. There are fine views from the main lookout, and you can inspect Aboriginal rock art on the Lar-ne-Jeering walk. Experienced hikers have plenty of opportunities to head off-track.

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