Casterton, Tourism Victoria

Population 1654

Casterton is a Roman name meaning 'walled city', given to the town because of the natural wall of hills surrounding the valley where it lies. These hills, and the Glenelg River that flows through town, create an idyllic rural atmosphere. The region is colloquially known as 'Kelpie Country' as it is the birthplace of this world-famous breed of working dog. In the mid-1800s a prized Scottish collie female pup from nearby Warrock Homestead was sold to a stockman named Jack Gleeson, who named her 'Kelpie' – she was bred out with various 'black and tan' dogs, and so began the long line of the working man's best friend.

Visitor Information

3 Racecourse Rd; (03) 5581 2070

Nearby national parks

  • Mount Eccles National Park

    Mount Eccles National Park is Victoria’s first co-managed national park, being managed by the traditional owners,...more

  • Coorong National Park

    Coorong National Park is a long, narrow ribbon of saline wetlands, saltpans, coastal dunes and wild ocean beaches stretching for 150...more

  • Wyperfeld National Park

    In the state’s arid north-west, Wyperfeld is a vast park of open plains and spreading mallee eucalypts. The usually bone-dry bed of...more

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In Town

Historical Museum: housed in the old railway station, the museum displays local artefacts; open by appt; Cnr Jackson and Clarke sts.

Alma and Judith Zaadstra Fine Art Gallery: Henty St.

Mickle Lookout: a great view across the town; Moodie St, off Robertson St on the eastern edge of town.


Dergholm State Park The park features a great diversity of vegetation, including woodlands, open forests, heaths and swamps. An abundance of wildlife thrives, including echidnas, koalas, kangaroos, reptiles and the endangered red-tailed black cockatoo. A key attraction is Baileys Rocks, unique giant green-coloured granite boulders. Contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963; 50 km N.

Long Lead Swamp: waterbirds, kangaroos, emus and a trail-bike track; Penola Rd; 11 km W.

Geological formations: in particular, The Hummocks, 12 km NE, and The Bluff, viewable from Dartmoor Rd, 20 km SW. Both rock formations are around 150 million years old.

Warrock Homestead: a unique collection of 33 buildings erected by its founder, George Robertson. The homestead was built in 1843 and is National Trust–classified; open day on Easter Sun; 26 km N.

Bilston's Tree: 50 m high and arguably the world's largest red gum; Glenmia Rd; 30 km N.

Fishing spots near town

Konong Wootong Reservoir 25 km

Coleraine in the Western District is in the heart of prime wool- growing country. The small town is famous for its chocolate factory, but less well known is the trout fishery in the picturesque 60 ha impoundment just out... Find out more

Nelson 62 km

The Glenelg River is situated at Nelson near the border with SA. The long river is one of the state’s premier fisheries for bream to 1.8 kg, estuary perch and mulloway to about 20 kg. Victoria has some excellent... Find out more

Portland 85 km

‘I reckon Portland is Victoria’s best kept angling secret,’ local angler Bob McPherson told me in 2004. At the time, I believed he was right. Within two years Portland was no longer a secret, becoming... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Picnicking around Mount Gambier 61 km

Mount Gambier has some extraordinary picnic spots around collapsed caves that are now beautiful sinkhole gardens. Try Cave Gardens or the stunning Umpherston Sinkhole, which has free barbecues and good facilities.... Find out more

Mount Eccles National Park 73 km

At Mount Eccles you can walk for 2 kilometres around the rim of a volcanic crater then descend for a swim in the lake at its heart. It is a great spot for a picnic, with koalas and kangaroos, and the camping facilities... Find out more

Campsites around town

Baileys Rocks camping area 39 km

Baileys Rocks, in the Bogalara block of Dergholm State Park, are so-called for the ancient granite tors found here. Aside from ogling the impressive stonework, you can also follow the Rocky Creek walking track, which... Find out more

Hiscocks Crossing camping area 39 km

A rewarding nature trail does a 2.5 km loop from this camping area along the Crawford River and through several types of forest. It’s located off The Boulevard. To get here, head north from Hotspur towards... Find out more

Fort O’Hare camping area 39 km

Set on the northern bank of the Glenelg River in the low-key town of Dartmoor, this camping area is where canoeists set off on a popular 4 day, 75 km paddle through Lower Glenelg National Park to the river mouth beyond... Find out more

Wannon River camping area 40 km

A short trail connects this campground with Wannon Falls, the end result of ancient lava flows, while another walking track leads to the nearby Thomas Clark Viewing Area, which also has views of the waterfall. The large... Find out more

Pines Landing camping area 51 km

Pines Landing is usually the first overnight stop for the adventurous canoeists who drift down the Glenelg River from Dartmoor on the first leg of their trip through the national park. There’s also vehicle access... Find out more

Annya Camp camping area 51 km

This quiet spot is nestled in the forest just off the Portland–Casterton Rd, between Drumborg and Casterton. Plentiful shade is provided by the surrounding trees, while an abundance of sites on relatively level... Find out more

Wild Dog Bend camping area 52 km

Wild Dog Bend is in the eastern reaches of the national park, where the Glenelg River almost doubles back on itself to head southwards. This is one of the few overnight options in the national park for those towing... Find out more

Moleside Camp (walk-in camping) 54 km

Moleside Camp is 22 km west of Fitzroy Camp and 17 km east of Battersbys Camp. The trail to Moleside crosses into Lower Glenelg National Park, where it passes the Inkpot, a mysteriously black waterhole whose colouring is... Find out more

Forest Camp North camping area 54 km

The simple name belies the attractive riverside location. This large campground is accessed via a steep vehicle track, for which a 4WD is recommended. From the signposted turning off River Fire Line Track, it’s 200... Find out more

Red Gum camping area 55 km

Drive south for 15 km along Wanwin Rd from Dartmoor and turn onto the road signposted ‘Red Gum’. After 3 km, turn west onto River Fire Line Track and follow it for 2 km to reach the campground’s... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Kalganyi Holiday Park 59 km

This is a very good park set in a quiet, treed area on the northern outskirts of Mount Gambier. It has extensive facilities including ensuite sites. This is a good base from which to explore the Mount Gambier region.... Find out more

Kywong Caravan Park 61 km

Located on the northern side of town, this large budget-priced park has good facilities. It is about 1.5 km from the centre of the small township. There is good value here. Bookings are required at Christmas, Easter and... Find out more

Blue Lake Holiday Park 63 km

Located south of the city centre, this wellshaded quality park adjoins the golf course and is adjacent to Mount Gambier’s premier attraction, the spectacular Blue Lake. This is a fabulous base for exploring the... Find out more

Narrawong Holiday Park 79 km

This pretty park is in a fabulous, quiet beachside and riverfront position off the Princes Highway. Offering a range of accommodation, it is close to Portland and has good fishing and swimming, and a range of facilities... Find out more

Port MacDonnell Foreshore Tourist Park 80 km

A good value, budget-priced park situated on the beachfront, about 1.5 km from the centre of Port MacDonnell, the park has good facilities and is an ideal location from which to explore the historic region. There is a... Find out more

Henty Bay Beachfront Van and Cabin Park 82 km

This large, spacious park is located on the beachfront 6 km north-east of the centre of town. The park has a well-stocked shop with takeaway food and a good selection of fishing tackle and bait. Bookings are required at... Find out more

Portland Tourist Park 85 km

Set in a residential area of town about 1.6 km from the town centre, this owner operated park has good facilities and a corner store is conveniently located opposite the park. Bookings are required at Christmas, Easter... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Casterton park area 1 km

At Casterton

Under shady trees on the eastern bank of the Glenelg River.

Fort O'Hare camping area 39 km

At Dartmoor

Under shady trees on the east side of town.

Glenelg River park area 40 km

33km SE of SA border (L) or 40km NW of Heywood (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Wannon Falls camping area 40 km

T/O 17km E of Coleraine (L) or 18km NW of Hamilton (R)

Large grassed area 9km north of the highway at the falls lookout.

Branxholme park area 46 km

At Branxholme

Adjacent to the recreation area in the middle of town. 

Nigretta Falls park area 47 km

T/O 17km E of Coleraine (L) or 18km NW of Hamilton (R)

Large grassed area 9km north of the highway at the falls lookout.

Pinnaster rest area 48 km

18km SE of Mt Gambier (L) or 70km NW of Heywood (R)

Just off the highway among the trees.

Annya Forest camping area 51 km

T/O 81km E of Mt Gambier (L) or 7km W of Heywood (R)

In the forest 7.5km (partly unsealed) north of the highway.

Penola South rest area 52 km

12km S of Penola (R) or 39km N of Mt Gambier (L)

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees. 

Forestry Info rest area 52 km

16km S of Penola (L) or 35km N of Mt Gambier (R)

Just off the highway on the edge of a forest.

Greenrise Lake park area 54 km

3km S of Penola (R) or 48km N of Mt Gambier (L)

Just off the highway on the shores of the (usually dry) lake.

Cavendish camping area 57 km

At Cavendish

Adjacent to the recreation area on the north side of town.

Princess Margaret Rose Caves camping area 58 km

T/O 1km E of SA border (R) or 76km NW of Heywood (L)

Near the caves 10km (unsealed) south of the highway via Princess Margaret Rd in Lower Glenelg National Park.

Mount Gambier Park Area 60 km

North-east side of town

Parking area at the Lady Nelson Visitor Information Centre.

Coonawarra rest area 61 km

38km S of Naracoorte (R) or 13km N of Penola (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Father Woods rest area 66 km

31km S of Naracoorte (L) or 20km N of Penola (R)

Just off the road near several unique wood carvings.

Lake Surprise Camp Area 69 km

T/O at Port Fairy

Large campground located 48 kilometres north of the highway (9 kilometres east of Macarthur) in a pleasant open forest setting near Lake Surprise in Mount Eccles National Park. Good facilities and shade.

NOTE: Access road part unsealed.

Hynes Reservoir camping area 74 km

T/O 41km N of Cavendish (L) or 64km S of Horsham (R)

Near the reservoir 9km west of the highway via Hynes Rd.

Struan rest area 76 km

18km S of Naracoorte (L) or 33km N of Penola (R)

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees.

The Sawpit camping area 76 km

T/O at Narrawong

In the forest 3km (partly unsealed) north of the highway.

Fitzroy River rest area 77 km

23km E of Portland (R) or 48km W of Port Fairy (L)

Well off the highway under trees on the riverbank.

Bool Lagoon camping area 81 km

T/O 18km S of Naracoorte (R) or 33km N of Penola (L)

At the lagoon 7km west of the highway.

Penshurst park area 85 km

At Penshurst

Just off the highway and adjacent to the caravan park.

Buandik camping area 86 km

T/O 38km N of Cavendish (L) or 67km S of Horsham (R)

Secluded bush setting 9km (unsealed) east of the highway in Grampians National Park.

Cherrypool rest area 87 km

55km N of Cavendish (R) or 50km S of Horsham (L)

Just off the highway on the banks of a river. 

What's on around town

Vintage Car Rally: Mar.

Polocrosse Championships: Mar.

Casterton Cup: June.

Australian Kelpie Muster and Kelpie Working Dog Auction: June/July.

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