Dimboola, Tourism Victoria

Population 1493

Dimboola, on the Wimmera River, is a key access point to the Little Desert National Park. The area was home to the Wotjobaluk Aboriginal people until the first European settlers arrived. The district was known as 'Nine Creeks' because of the many little streams that appear when the river recedes after floods. Many of the early white settlers were German.

Visitor Information

Dim E-Shop, 109–111 Lloyd St; (03) 5389 1588


Nearby national parks

  • Wyperfeld National Park

    In the state’s arid north-west, Wyperfeld is a vast park of open plains and spreading mallee eucalypts. The usually bone-dry bed of...more

  • Mount Eccles National Park

    Mount Eccles National Park is Victoria’s first co-managed national park, being managed by the traditional owners,...more

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Nearby towns

  • Horsham

    Horsham is an important centre for the Wimmera district. Prior to European settlement, Horsham and its surrounds were occupied by the Jardwa...more

  • Natimuk

    Natimuk is popular for its proximity to Mount Arapiles, a 369-metre sandstone monolith that has been described as 'Victoria's Ayers Rock'....more

  • Jeparit

    This little town in the Wimmera is 5 kilometres south-east of Lake Hindmarsh, is the largest natural freshwater lake in Victoria...more

In Town

Historic buildings: include the mechanics institute in Lloyd St and the Victoria Hotel, a grand 2-storey structure with grapevines hanging from the verandahs (cnr Wimmera and Victoria sts).

Walking track: follows a scenic stretch of the Wimmera River. The track can be followed all the way to the Horseshoe Bend camping ground in the Little Desert National Park 7 km away; details of walks from visitor centre.


Little Desert National Park This park covers 132 647 ha. The eastern block (the section nearest to Dimboola) has picnic and camping facilities and good walking tracks. The park does not resemble the typical desert – it contains extensive heathlands and, during spring, more than 600 varieties of wildflowers and over 40 types of ground orchids. The park is home to the distinctive mallee fowl, and the large ground-nests built by the male birds can be seen during breeding season. Kangaroos, possums and bearded dragons are just some of the other wildlife that inhabit the park. 6 km SW. See also Nhill.

Pink Lake: a salt lake that reflects a deep pinkish colour, particularly impressive at sunset, but has dried up in recent years; 9 km NW.

Ebenezer Mission Station: founded in 1859 in an attempt to bring Christianity to the local Aboriginal people. The site contains fascinating ruins of the original buildings, a cemetery and a restored limestone church; off the Dimboola–Jeparit Rd; 15 km N.

Kiata Lowan Sanctuary: the first part of Little Desert National Park to be reserved, in 1955. Home to the mallee fowl; Kiata; 26 km W.

Fishing spots near town

Dimboola 1 km

At first sight the Wimmera River didn’t look special. Barely flowing, it consisted of sandbars and fallen trees interspersed with shallows and a few deeper holes below the timber. I was fishing with local anglers... Find out more

Lake Wartook 78 km

Drought and changes to irrigation have left dry many of Victoria’s former favourite fishing lakes. Drive through the cropping plains of the Wimmera and you come across once-famous lakes, including Toolondo,... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Little Desert National Park 44 km

This park contains one-fifth of all flowering plant species in Victoria. The elusive mallee fowl and rare scrub robin live amid the 600 kilometres of tracks that go out to remote sections of the park near the South... Find out more

Indigenous tours, Grampians National Park 90 km

Brambuk, the Grampians National Park and Cultural Centre, houses an Aboriginal cultural centre explaining much of the history and stories associated with the area. There is also a bushfoods cafe, where you can try emu,... Find out more

Grampians National Park 95 km

There are many, many reasons to go to this remarkable 1680-square-kilometre national park: its spectacular spring wildflowers, its dramatic cliffs and sandstone features, its bushwalking, the stunning views from its... Find out more

Campsites around town

Horseshoe Bend camping area 5 km

Horseshoe Bend is on the eastern boundary of Little Desert National Park, on the Wimmera River opposite Wail State Forest. North of here is the Pomponderoo Hill Nature Walk, which takes in a scenic lookout and some of... Find out more

Ackle Bend camping area 5 km

Ackle Bend is on the Wimmera River in the eastern block of Little River National Park, just south of Horseshoe Bend. The walk north along the river yields some great views. Other leisurely pursuits available here include... Find out more

Kiata camping area 21 km

Kiata campground is in the eastern block of Little Desert National Park. It’s at the end of Kiata South Rd, which runs off the Western Hwy between Nhill and Dimboola. Head to the nearby picnic area to take the... Find out more

Natimuk Lake Caravan Park 30 km

Travel 4 km north of the township of Natimuk to its namesake lake, reached via Lake Rd from the Wimmera Hwy. The caravan park sits at its southern tip. When the lake isn’t dry it attracts attention from fishing... Find out more

Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort 36 km

The Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort is out on the Western Hwy about 4 km south-east of Horsham. While the comfort and amenities offered by the park are already reasons to stay, the best rationale is that the spectacular... Find out more

Four Mile Beach camping ground 37 km

Four Mile Beach has more facilities than any of the other campsites around Lake Hindmarsh, including powered sites and a kiosk selling basic foodstuffs; the trade-off is that this is the only place in the reserve where... Find out more

Centenary Park camping area 37 km

The only camping site at Mt Arapiles, Centenary Park is accessed via Centenary Park Rd off the Wimmera Hwy – the spacious campground is about 2 km from the turn-off. Some sites require you to carry your gear in... Find out more

Picnic Point Beach camping ground 39 km

Picnic Point Beach, which lies just north of where the Wimmera River empties into Lake Hindmarsh, is a good place for some solitude. From the Nhill–Jeparit Rd, detour onto unsealed Lake Rd, which runs up along the... Find out more

Schulzes Beach camping area 48 km

This campground is located on the western shore of Lake Hindmarsh, where it has some impressive river red gums for company. South of here, at Antwerp on the road to Dimboola, you’ll find what’s left of the... Find out more

Bush camping 54 km

Bush camping is allowed in the central and western blocks of the national park. You’ll need a 4WD to tackle the terrain away from the established campgrounds and picnic areas. Consult the park ranger about... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Horsham Caravan Park 33 km

Located on the banks of the Wimmera River, close to the town centre, this good quality park is council owned but operated by the YMCA. Bookings are required in peak periods and a minimum-length stay applies.... Find out more

Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort 36 km

This is a spacious park on the fringe of Horsham, 4 km south-east of town on the Western Highway. It has a range of facilities including a tennis court and spa. It is a good base for exploring the local area. Bookings... Find out more

Nhill Caravan Park 37 km

This is a convenient park on the Western Highway, on the western outskirts of Nhill. It has good basic amenities and is conveniently located midway between Melbourne and Adelaide.... Find out more

Kaniva Caravan Park 72 km

This is a budget-priced, council-owned caravan park with no full-time attendee. Take a site and the caretaker will call by. The park, with basic facilities and nice grassy sites, is situated next door to the town pool.... Find out more

Big4 Grampians Parkgate Resort 87 km

This is a very good quality tourist park less than 1.5 km from Halls Gap. With great recreational facilities including a tennis court, this is a popular holiday destination and a great base from which to explore the... Find out more

Halls Gap Caravan and Tourist Park 88 km

We find this large park ideal for a holiday at any time of the year and regularly stay here. Located in the centre of town, it is within easy reach of most of the area’s attractions and makes a good base for... Find out more

Lake Fyans Holiday Park 93 km

This is a spacious waterfront park on the shores of Lake Fyans, a popular watersports area to the south-west of Stawell. The park has a cafe and canoes for hire. It is just a short drive to nearby Halls Gap and is an... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Little Desert Nature Lodge, Nhill 33 km

Set on 117 hectares of bushland beside Little Desert National Park, the lodge has 24 rooms with ensuite bathrooms, or 16 bunkrooms with shared facilities. By staying here, you are helping support projects such as the... Find out more

Grampians Eco YHA 87 km

At this eco-hostel you sleep under roof tiles that are actually solar panels. Any extra power generated is fed back to the electricity grid. The passive solar building, featuring rammed earth walls, also has solar... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Horseshoe Bend camping area 5 km

T/O at Dimboola

On the banks of the Wimmera River 7km (partly unsealed) south of the highway via Wimmera St and Horseshoe Bend Rd in Little Desert National Park.

Ackle Bend camping area 5 km

T/O at Dimboola

On the banks of the Wimmera River 7km (partly unsealed) south of the highway via Wimmera St and Horseshoe Bend Rd in Little Desert National Park.

Wimmera River rest area 6 km

32km E of Nhill (L) or 6km W of Dimboola (R)

Just off the highway near the river.

Wail rest area 9 km

10km SE of Dimboola (L) or 26km NW of Horsham (R)

Just off the highway among some trees near the railway overpass.

Kiata camping area 21 km

T/O at Kiata

Large open area 12km (partly unsealed) south of the highway in a pleasant bush setting in Little Desert National Park.

Native Waterhole rest area 22 km

16km E of Nhill (R) or 22km W of Dimboola (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Burnt Creek rest area 39 km

7km SE of Horsham (L) or 60km NW of Stawell (R)

Just off the highway among a few large trees.

Lake Green rest area 43 km

12km SE of Horsham (R) or 55km NW of Stawell (L)

Adjacent to the highway and overlooking Lake Green.

Camerons Reserve rest area 48 km

26km E of Kaniva (R) or 14km W of Nhill (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Brim camping area 54 km

At Brim

On the shores of a lake 1km off the highway via the main street of Brim.

Stapylton camping area 61 km

T/O to Halls Gap

Large area in Grampians National Park. Located 48km (partly unsealed) north-west of Halls Gap via Northern Grampians and Olive Plantation rds.

Troopers Creek camping area 71 km

T/O to Halls Gap

Small area 42km (partly unsealed) north-west of Halls Gap via Northern Grampians  and Roses Gap rds.

Cherrypool rest area 74 km

55km N of Cavendish (R) or 50km S of Horsham (L)

Just off the highway on the banks of a river. 

Western Beach Camp Area 76 km

T/O to Rainbow

On the shore of the (dry) lake 17 kilometres northwest of Rainbow via Hopetoun Road and Albacutya Road in Albacutya Regional Park.

Yaapeet Beach Camp Area 77 km

T/O to Yaapeet

On the shore of the (dry) lake 3 kilometres (unsealed) west of Yaapeet via Kenmare Road in Albacutya Regional Park.

Plantation camping area 80 km

T/O to Halls Gap

Large area in a natural bush setting in Grampians National Park. Located 10km (unsealed) north of Halls Gap via Mt Zero Rd.

Smith Mill camping area 80 km

T/O to Halls Gap

In a natural bush setting in Grampians National Park. Located 18km north-west of Halls Gap via Nothern Grampians (Mt Victory), Lake Wartook and Old Mill rds.

Lake Watchem camping area 81 km

T/O 20km S of Birchip (R) or 34km N of Donald (L)

On the edge of the lake 1km west of Watchem. 

Donald park area 85 km

At Donald       

Adjacent to the highway on the banks of the Richardson River.

Hynes Reservoir camping area 86 km

T/O 41km N of Cavendish (L) or 64km S of Horsham (R)

Near the reservoir 9km west of the highway via Hynes Rd.

Canadian Gully Bushland Reserve rest area 86 km

57km SE of Horsham (L) or 10km NW of Stawell (R)

Just off the highway under some large trees on the edge of a lagoon.

Hopetoun camping area 87 km

At Hopetoun

On the shores of Lake Lascelles. Donations accepted.

Buandik camping area 91 km

T/O 38km N of Cavendish (L) or 67km S of Horsham (R)

Secluded bush setting 9km (unsealed) east of the highway in Grampians National Park.

Birchip park area 95 km

At Birchip

Adjacent to the highway. On the south side of town.

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