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Population 400

Dunkeld is considered the southern gateway to the Grampians, and its natural beauty has long been recognised since the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell camped here in 1836. It was originally named Mount Sturgeon after the mountain that towers over the town. Both Mount Sturgeon and Mount Abrupt (to the north of town) have been renamed to recognise the ancient Aboriginal heritage of the landscape; they are now known as Mount Wuragarri and Mount Murdadjoog respectively.

Visitor Information

84 Parker St; (03) 5577 2558


Nearby national parks

  • Mount Eccles National Park

    Mount Eccles National Park is Victoria’s first co-managed national park, being managed by the traditional owners,...more

  • Brisbane Ranges National Park

    In Brisbane Ranges National Park low mountains are dissected by rugged gorges and hidden gullies with basalt grasslands and woodlands. An...more

  • Wyperfeld National Park

    In the state’s arid north-west, Wyperfeld is a vast park of open plains and spreading mallee eucalypts. The usually bone-dry bed of...more

Nearby towns

  • Hamilton

    Hamilton is a prominent rural centre in the heart of a sheep-grazing district. This industry is such an important part of the town's economy...more

  • Coleraine

    Situated in Victoria's Western District, Coleraine is a small, picturesque town supported by wool and beef industries. A chocolate factory,...more

  • Halls Gap

    The little village of Halls Gap is set in the heart of the Grampians. It was named after Charles Browing Hall, who discovered the gap and...more

In Town

Dunkeld Arboretum Exotic species from all over the world have been planted. Ideal for walking, cycling, fishing and picnics. Old Ararat Rd.

Historical Museum Housed in an old church, the museum features displays on the history of the local Aboriginal people, the wool industry and the journeys of explorer Major Mitchell. It also offers dining and accommodation. Open Sat–Sun or by appt; Templeton St.

Corea Wines: open by appt. Varrenti Wines: open 12–5pm; Blackwood Rd.

Sandra Kranz Art Studio: Glass St.

Waiting Room Art Gallery: Parker St.

Bushwalking: walking trails include Mt Abrupt, Mt Sturgeon and the Piccaninny Walk.


Grampians National Park The southern section of the park includes Victoria Valley Rd, a scenic drive that stops at Freshwater Lake Reserve (8 km N), popular for picnics. See Halls Gap. Also near Dunkeld are various hiking destinations and the Chimney Pots, a formation popular for rock climbing; access via Henty Hwy.

Grampians Pure Sheep Dairy: sample some of the sheep milk, yoghurts and cheeses while also watching how they are made; Glenelg Hwy.

Fishing spots near town

Lake Bolac 46 km

One of my favourite fishing activities after a hot summer day is to wander along the banks of the Barwon River in Geelong, casting lures for redfin. Redfin are feisty, competitive fish that bite readily and taste great.... Find out more

Konong Wootong Reservoir 63 km

Coleraine in the Western District is in the heart of prime wool- growing country. The small town is famous for its chocolate factory, but less well known is the trout fishery in the picturesque 60 ha impoundment just out... Find out more

Lake Wartook 64 km

Drought and changes to irrigation have left dry many of Victoria’s former favourite fishing lakes. Drive through the cropping plains of the Wimmera and you come across once-famous lakes, including Toolondo,... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Grampians National Park 43 km

There are many, many reasons to go to this remarkable 1680-square-kilometre national park: its spectacular spring wildflowers, its dramatic cliffs and sandstone features, its bushwalking, the stunning views from its... Find out more

Indigenous tours, Grampians National Park 57 km

Brambuk, the Grampians National Park and Cultural Centre, houses an Aboriginal cultural centre explaining much of the history and stories associated with the area. There is also a bushfoods cafe, where you can try emu,... Find out more

Mount Eccles National Park 61 km

At Mount Eccles you can walk for 2 kilometres around the rim of a volcanic crater then descend for a swim in the lake at its heart. It is a great spot for a picnic, with koalas and kangaroos, and the camping facilities... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town

Dunkeld Gourmet Pantry

This cafe and larder champions the best local produce. Take a seat in the front courtyard under the shade sail and enjoy the view over to Mount Sturgeon in the Grampians. Everything is made on the premises, including... Find out more

Royal Mail Hotel

Housed in an 1855 Art Deco–style renovated hotel, this restaurant has won many awards for its exceptional cuisine. Its outstanding wine list has also been acclaimed by prestigious UK magazine Wine Spectator. The... Find out more

Campsites around town

Wannon Crossing camping area 27 km

At Wannon Crossing you’ll find a quartet of campsites on a forested patch of turf beside the Wannon River. It’s a good choice for keen hikers as it’s the closest camping area to the trio of invigorating... Find out more

Strachans camping area 31 km

The south-western branch of Grampians National Park is shaped around the curvaceous Victoria Range, and it’s at the foot of these mountains, on the site of an old timber mill, that you’ll find Strachans... Find out more

Jimmy Creek camping area 34 km

The campground at Jimmy Creek is in the south-eastern slice of the park, wedged between the Serra and Mt William ranges. To the east along Jimmy Creek Rd is Mafeking, a one-time goldmine site you can explore via the... Find out more

Lake Bolac Caravan Park 44 km

Located 100 km west of Ballarat, Lake Bolac is popular with watersports enthusiasts when the water level is deep enough. The caravan park is situated on the lake foreshore, accessed off the Glenelg Hwy. All the park... Find out more

Wannon River camping area 44 km

A short trail connects this campground with Wannon Falls, the end result of ancient lava flows, while another walking track leads to the nearby Thomas Clark Viewing Area, which also has views of the waterfall. The large... Find out more

Buandik camping area 44 km

The Buandik camping area, at the western boundary of the Grampians, is bookended by two Aboriginal heritage sites – Billimina to the north, and Manja to the south. Manja is fringed by heathlands which are traversed... Find out more

Henrys camping area 46 km

Henrys is a very basic campground located near the southernmost point of Rocklands Reservoir, where the shoreline of the sprawling water storage makes a ragged U-turn. From Henty Hwy, just south of Victoria Lagoon... Find out more

Lake Bolac Foreshore camping area 46 km

It’s fine to camp on the foreshore at Lake Bolac, except where there are signs advising otherwise. Toilet facilities are located at various points around the lake, but hot showers are only available at Picnic Point... Find out more

Fergusons camping area 47 km

The only boat ramp on the eastern shoreline of Rocklands Reservoir is at Fergusons, so it’s one of the area’s most popular sites when there’s enough water in the lake to make watersports possible. From... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Halls Gap Caravan and Tourist Park 59 km

We find this large park ideal for a holiday at any time of the year and regularly stay here. Located in the centre of town, it is within easy reach of most of the area’s attractions and makes a good base for... Find out more

Big4 Grampians Parkgate Resort 60 km

This is a very good quality tourist park less than 1.5 km from Halls Gap. With great recreational facilities including a tennis court, this is a popular holiday destination and a great base from which to explore the... Find out more

Lake Fyans Holiday Park 62 km

This is a spacious waterfront park on the shores of Lake Fyans, a popular watersports area to the south-west of Stawell. The park has a cafe and canoes for hire. It is just a short drive to nearby Halls Gap and is an... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Aquila Eco Lodges

The four-star self-contained accommodation at Aquila Eco Lodges is testament that eco-living does not mean primitive bark huts. Four sleek, architecturally designed and award-winning eco lodges stand in 40 hectares of... Find out more

Griffins Hill

Set in a rambling garden just 2 kilometres from Dunkeld, the rooms – twin share or king deluxe suites – at this stylish yoga retreat open onto a viewing deck that has been positioned so guests can escape for... Find out more

Royal Mail Hotel

The Royal Mail Hotel is set against the spectacular backdrop of Mount Sturgeon in the quiet town of Dunkeld. This is regional accommodation at its best, with a range of guest rooms, studio apartments and Mulberry House... Find out more

Southern Grampians Cottages

Enjoying gorgeous views of the Grampians, this little cluster of self-contained cottages is on land just a kilometre from Dunkeld or an easy eight-minute stroll – four minutes if you run. Nine log cabins offer four... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Grampians Eco YHA 60 km

At this eco-hostel you sleep under roof tiles that are actually solar panels. Any extra power generated is fed back to the electricity grid. The passive solar building, featuring rammed earth walls, also has solar... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Nine Mile Creek rest area 12 km

41km E of Hamilton (R) or 33km W of Lake Bolac (L)

Just off the highway under some large trees.

Penshurst park area 25 km

At Penshurst

Just off the highway and adjacent to the caravan park.

Cavendish camping area 30 km

At Cavendish

Adjacent to the recreation area on the north side of town.

Wickliffe park area 34 km

At Wickliffe

Adjacent to the highway. In the middle of town.

Nigretta Falls park area 37 km

T/O 17km E of Coleraine (L) or 18km NW of Hamilton (R)

Large grassed area 9km north of the highway at the falls lookout.

Wannon Falls camping area 44 km

T/O 17km E of Coleraine (L) or 18km NW of Hamilton (R)

Large grassed area 9km north of the highway at the falls lookout.

Buandik camping area 44 km

T/O 38km N of Cavendish (L) or 67km S of Horsham (R)

Secluded bush setting 9km (unsealed) east of the highway in Grampians National Park.

Picnic Point camping area 45 km

T/O at Lake Bolac

Under shady trees on the shores of the lake 2km south-east of the highway via Mortlake and Frontage rds.

Lake Bolac rest area 46 km

2km E of Lake Bolac (R) or 49km W of Skipton (L)

Just off the highway under trees on the shores of the lake.

Fishermans Point camping area 47 km

T/O 3km E of Lake Bolac (R) or 48km W of Skipton (L)

On the shores of the lake 500m south of the highway.

East Beach camping area 48 km

T/O 3km E of Lake Bolac (R) or 48km W of Skipton (L)

On the shores of the lake 3km south of the highway.

Borough Huts camping area 50 km

T/O at Stawell to Halls Gap

Small area in Grampians National Park located 11km south of Halls Gap via Grampians Rd. Good facilities and shade in a natural bush setting. 

Hynes Reservoir camping area 52 km

T/O 41km N of Cavendish (L) or 64km S of Horsham (R)

Near the reservoir 9km west of the highway via Hynes Rd.

Branxholme park area 53 km

At Branxholme

Adjacent to the recreation area in the middle of town. 

Lake Surprise Camp Area 58 km

T/O at Port Fairy

Large campground located 48 kilometres north of the highway (9 kilometres east of Macarthur) in a pleasant open forest setting near Lake Surprise in Mount Eccles National Park. Good facilities and shade.

NOTE: Access road part unsealed.

Smith Mill camping area 61 km

T/O to Halls Gap

In a natural bush setting in Grampians National Park. Located 18km north-west of Halls Gap via Nothern Grampians (Mt Victory), Lake Wartook and Old Mill rds.

Cherrypool rest area 62 km

55km N of Cavendish (R) or 50km S of Horsham (L)

Just off the highway on the banks of a river. 

Mortlake park area 63 km

At Mortlake

Adjacent to the highway, in the middle of town.

Plantation camping area 67 km

T/O to Halls Gap

Large area in a natural bush setting in Grampians National Park. Located 10km (unsealed) north of Halls Gap via Mt Zero Rd.

Greenhill Lake camping area 69 km

4km E of Ararat (L) or 40km W of Beaufort (R)

Well off the highway on the shores of the lake.

Troopers Creek camping area 71 km

T/O to Halls Gap

Small area 42km (partly unsealed) north-west of Halls Gap via Northern Grampians  and Roses Gap rds.

Great Western rest area 71 km

At Great Western

Just off the highway among a few trees. On the north side of town.

Mount Langi Ghiran rest area 76 km

17km E of Ararat (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees. For eastbound only.

Langi Ghiran camping area 77 km

T/O 13km E of Ararat (L) or 31km W of Beaufort (R)

Secluded area 5km (unsealed) north of the highway in a natural bush setting in Langi Ghiran State Park.

Killarney Beach camping area 78 km

T/O at Killarney

Near the foreshore 2km east of the highway.

Canadian Gully Bushland Reserve rest area 78 km

57km SE of Horsham (L) or 10km NW of Stawell (R)

Just off the highway under some large trees on the edge of a lagoon.

Annya Forest camping area 79 km

T/O 81km E of Mt Gambier (L) or 7km W of Heywood (R)

In the forest 7.5km (partly unsealed) north of the highway.

What's on around town

Dunkeld Cup: Nov.

Dunkeld Arts Festival: biennial, Nov.

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