Grampians National Park

There are many, many reasons to go to this remarkable 1680-square-kilometre national park: its spectacular spring wildflowers, its dramatic cliffs and sandstone features, its bushwalking, the stunning views from its lookouts, and its Aboriginal cultural centre.

There are numerous guided activities including walking, abseiling and mountain-bike riding. The area is well known internationally for its superb rock climbing, and the best way to start that potentially dangerous activity is with a guide. The eco-accredited Grampians Personalised Tours and Adventures is one of many happy to help you.

Picnic spots abound, such as the kangaroofriendly Zumstein, but for the able-bodied the best choice is to strap on a day pack and head out on any of the walks that lead up the mountains and enjoy the stunning views.

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy a walking holiday in the Grampians is using the services of the eco-accredited Auswalk Walking Holidays. On one of their Inn-to-Inn walks, they will book your accommodation and look after your baggage each day as you spend three days walking between B&Bs, carrying nothing but your day pack. You cover 14–22 kilometres each day, which is not too far, but enough to deserve an extra drink or two in the evening.

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Park visitor centre: (03) 5361 4000

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