Bush camping

Fire prohibited Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Walking trails

Bush camping is allowed in the central and western blocks of the national park. You’ll need a 4WD to tackle the terrain away from the established campgrounds and picnic areas. Consult the park ranger about conditions and guidelines before you camp out in the wild. If you camp in the central block, pay a visit to Yanipy School Reserve, where there’s a self-guided walk.


Who to contact: Parks Victoria 13 1963

This campsite is located in Little Desert National Park

This national park has a wonderfully diverse landscape that ranges from the Wimmera River to desert dunes, and is crammed with hundreds of native plants. It’s divided into western, central and eastern blocks, accessible from Natimuk Rd in the south and the Western Hwy in the north. The eastern section is riddled with walks lasting from 30 min to a few days. Campgrounds can be reached with 2WDs, but elsewhere you’ll need a 4WD to tackle the sandy tracks.

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