Pineapple Flat camping area (Whitfield region)

4WD Camper trailer Drinking water Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Ranger Toilets Vehicle-based camping Fishing
Pineapple Flat camping area, Lyndon Sparrow

Pineapple Flat is 10 km north of Mt Stirling in the western reaches of the park. It is reached via Burnt Top Track, which branches off King Basin Rd, which in turn runs off Circuit Rd. This route is for 4WD only. Those with a taste for isolated mountain tracks usually do a circuit of the area that involves the Sandy Flat, Longspur, Stockyard and Burnt Top tracks, the latter providing some wonderful views of Buckland Spur.


Who to contact: Parks Victoria 13 1963

This campsite is located in Alpine National Park

Alpine National Park is a sublime patchwork of landscapes that extend from Lake Dartmouth in the north to the Snowy Range in the south, and between Mt Buller in the west and the Murray River in the east. One of Victoria’s biggest national parks, at 646 000 ha, it hosts myriad activities for all seasons, including skiing and snowboarding, hiking, cycling and rock climbing. It also has magnificent vistas, ranging from brilliant wildflowers to spectacular summits. Note: some of the region’s roads are closed during winter.

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