Lake Buffalo

Two productive lakes in this region are Lake Buffalo, 20 km south of Myrtleford, and Lake William Hovell, 60 km south of Wangaratta. Both waters have boat-launching facilities, but fishing here can be difficult during summer because of the heat.

Redfin to 1.5 kg can be caught in Lake Buffalo along with Macquarie perch to about 1 kg, and brown and rainbow trout. The Buffalo River is a favourite fly-fishing water producing trout to 1.5 kg. Redfin, Murray cod, Macquarie perch and river blackfish can also be caught. Yabbies, worms and crickets are among the best baits.

In Lake William Hovell, expect redfin to 2 kg, brown trout to twice this size, river blackfish and Macquarie perch. The King River, below the lake, has trout, redfin, Macquarie perch and river blackfish.

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