Burrowa–Pine Mountain National Park

Located near the New South Wales border, 430 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, and one of Victoria’s lesser-known national parks, this has some remarkable features. The granitic Pine Mountain is one of the largest monoliths in Australia, one and a half times the size of Uluru. It is home to a number of rare and threatened plant species, including the Pine Mountain grevillea, fan grevillea and phantom wattle. The 1300-metre Mount Burrowa has more rainfall and is clothed by a range of forest types, from candlebarks and peppermints, to blue gums, alpine ash and snow gums on the highest parts. There are walks from short strolls to see waterfalls (do not miss the 4-kilometre Bluff Creek Nature Trail) through to multiday hikes, and plenty of tracks for four-wheel drivers to explore. Camping is limited.

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