Lake Eildon, Tourism Victoria

Population 742

Eildon established itself as a town to service dam workers, and later holiday-makers, when the Goulburn River was dammed to create Lake Eildon in the 1950s. This is the state's largest constructed lake, irrigating a vast stretch of northern Victoria and providing hydro-electric power. In recent years low water levels have revealed homesteads that were submerged when the dam was constructed. The lake and the surrounding national park are popular summer holiday destinations, especially for watersports, fishing and boating.

Visitor Information

High St; (03) 5774 2909


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Lake Eildon National Park Comprising the lake and surrounding woodlands, hills and wilderness areas, this national park provides a venue for many water- and land-based activities. When full, Lake Eildon has 6 times the capacity of Sydney Harbour. Hire a kayak, boat or houseboat from the outlets in Eildon to explore the waters, or enjoy the thrills of waterskiing with the picturesque foothills of the Australian Alps providing a backdrop. There are various nature walks, scenic drives and panoramic lookouts. Details from visitor centre, or Parks Victoria on 13 1963.

Lake Eildon Wall Lookout: 1 km N.

Eildon Pondage and Goulburn River: for excellent fishing – there is no closed season for trout in Lake Eildon.

Mt Pinniger: for views of Mt Buller, the alps and the lake; 3 km E.

Freshwater Discovery Centre: native-fish aquariums and displays; Snobs Creek; 6 km SW.

Waterfalls: include Snobs Creek Falls and Rubicon Falls; 18 km SW via Thornton.

Eildon Trout Farm: towards Thornton on Back Eildon Rd.

Fishing spots near town

Eildon Pondage 1 km

Boating is not allowed on Eildon Pondage, which is just below the dam wall at Eildon. Nevertheless, it is one of the most heavily fished waters in the state and is an ideal family spot, with barbecues and toilet... Find out more

Lake Eildon 3 km

Lake Eildon is Victoria’s most popular freshwater fishing spot. Part of its popularity is due to its proximity to metropolitan Melbourne. Lilydale is just a 90 min drive away, either over the Black Spur or via Yea.... Find out more

Rubicon River 11 km

The Rubicon, one of Victoria’s legendary trout waters, is popular with trout anglers who fish using all methods available. Rising in forested hills with a steep gradient in the headwaters, the river varies from... Find out more

Goulburn River 18 km

The Goulburn River from Eildon Pondage to Alexandra is one of the most popular stretches of trout water in Victoria. Places like Thornton, ‘Gilmore’s Bridge’ and the Breakaway, where the Acheron River... Find out more

Eco-friendly activities around town

Bicentennial National Trail - Healesville starting point 58 km

Acclaimed as the longest-marked, nonmotorised, multi-use trekking route in the world, this track traverses an incredible 5330 kilometres from Healesville to Cooktown in north Queensland, passing through 18 national... Find out more

Golf courses around town

RACV Healesville Country Club 59 km

Of the 120 golf courses featured throughout these pages, the new layout at Healesville is the odd one out. It could, in fact, be considered a minnow among giants, for this par-68 measures only 4872 metres from the... Find out more

Nearby breweries

Jamieson Brewery 20 km

Looking for a drawcard to attract tourists to their Victorian High Country pub, owners Jeff and Jeanette Whyte installed a microbrewery into the Jamieson Hotel and started knocking out house beers in 2001. The equipment... Find out more

Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company 67 km

Craft brewers come from all sorts of different backgrounds but classical pianist Simon Walkenhorst and his opera singer wife Beth Williams are among the more exotic. Together, they started Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company... Find out more

Campsites around town

Coopers Point camping area (boat-based camping) 6 km

A boat trip is your only option for getting out to Coopers Point on the eastern shoreline of Lake Eildon, just to the west of Mt Enterprise. Before paddling or motoring out of Coller Bay, check with the national park... Find out more

Jerusalem Creek camping area 6 km

There are a half-dozen designated camping areas at Jerusalem Creek, each with about 10 sites. These need to be pre-booked using the Parks Victoria website. Pet lovers, note: this is the only camping spot in the national... Find out more

Lakeside camping area 8 km

The boat ramp at the Lakeside camping area gets a workout during holiday periods, when sundry anglers, waterskiers and sightseers take to the water. This is one of the popular Fraser camping area destinations on the edge... Find out more

Candlebark camping area 9 km

Candlebark is located in the popular Fraser Camping Area, on the western edge of Coller Bay and accessed via UT Creek Rd. Each of its 70 or so campsites should be booked in advance through the Parks Victoria website. To... Find out more

Devils Cove camping area 9 km

Devils Cove is one of several scenic camping spots at Collers Bay, in what’s known as the Fraser Camping Area. Sites here can be booked online via the Parks Victoria website. Take the gentle 3.5 km walk around the... Find out more

Kendalls A camping area 10 km

This is one of a pair of camping areas just off Rubicon Rd, to the north of the power station. Directly east of here are Snobs Falls, a fetching 100 m cascade over tumbledown rocks. Unfortunately, there’s no... Find out more

Kendalls B camping area 11 km

The Kendalls B camping area is near the entrance to the hydro-electric power station, and 1.5 km from Kendalls A – the 2 campgrounds are linked by a walking/cycling track. During the warmer months of the year,... Find out more

Mountaineer Creek camping area (walk-in and boat-based camping) 12 km

Mountaineer Creek is up in the northern section of Lake Eildon National Park, where you can really get away from it all. The camping area is situated on peaceful Stone Bay and can only be accessed by boat or on foot.... Find out more

Delatite Arm Reserve camping areas 12 km

There are some far-flung campsites adjacent to the softwood plantations on Delatite Arm, at the north-eastern extremity of Lake Eildon National Park. You can reach these dispersed lakeside sites by travelling to Goughs... Find out more

Taylors Creek camping area (walk-in and boat-based camping) 13 km

Taylors Creek is in the isolated Jerusalem Block, down at Big River Arm, and can only be reached by boat or a decent bushwalk. This is where you should head if remote bush camping is your preference.... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Euroa Caravan and Cabin Park 61 km

Just a short walk to the centre of town, this park stretches along the banks of the creek. It is a good spot in a lovely setting and has a large number of tourist sites. Bookings are required in peak periods.... Find out more

Honeysuckle Caravan Village 68 km

Easily accessible from the Hume Freeway, this smaller park has good facilities and is ideal for a one- or two-night stay in this quiet rural environment.... Find out more

Goulburn River Tourist Park 73 km

This park is about 1 km from the town centre in a quiet off-highway location on the banks of the Goulburn River. The park offers good clean facilities and is easily accessible. There are canoes for hire. Bookings... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Robyns Nest B&B

This purpose-built building accommodates two couples in a private retreat upstairs, both with private entries and balconies with views over Eildon Valley, the pondage and Mount Torbreck and the Black Range in the... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Koriella rest area 24 km

25km E of Yea (L) or 6km NW of Alexandra (R)

Large area adjacent to the highway. Good shade.

Sheepwash Lagoon rest area 35 km

11km E of Yea (R) or 20km W of Alexandra (L)

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees.      

Yea East rest area 42 km

1km E of Yea (R) or 30km W of Alexandra (L)

Just off the highway under shady trees.

King Parrot Creek rest area 58 km

21km SE of Seymour (L) or 17km NW of Yea (R)

Well off the highway under some large trees.

Balmattum rest area 63 km

62km NE of Seymour (L)  

Just off the highway among a few trees. For northbound only.

Trawool rest area 65 km

10km SE of Seymour (L) or 28km NW of Yea (R)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Coach Road rest area 70 km

89km S of Benalla (L)

Just off the freeway among a few trees. For southbound only.

Grass Tree rest area 72 km

11km NE of Seymour (L) 

Just off the highway among a few trees. For northbound only.

What's on around town

Lions Club Monster Market: Easter.

Opening of Fishing Season Festival: Sep.

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