Eildon Pondage

Brown and rainbow trout caught at the Eildon Pondage, Steve Cooper

Boating is not allowed on Eildon Pondage, which is just below the dam wall at Eildon. Nevertheless, it is one of the most heavily fished waters in the state and is an ideal family spot, with barbecues and toilet facilities. This water is regularly stocked with trout from the nearby Snob’s Creek Hatchery and has developed into one of the state’s most consistent fisheries. As well as the usual run of yearlings, the hatchery also releases older brood fish. Some of these trout are 3–5 kg. Many show the scars of hatchery existence in their well-worn tails.

Eildon Pondage is divided into upper and lower sections. In the Upper Pondage, Cemetery Point, Fly Corner and Centre Bridge are angling favourites. In the Lower Pondage, Bourke St, Riverside Dr and Nursery Corner are well known. You can park your car right alongside where you intend to fish, and there are three designated disabled/wheelchair areas on Riverside Dr.

When word gets out that Fisheries Victoria has been stocking the pondage, anglers immediately assemble right around the pondage, lining up along Riverside Dr, Bourke St at the gates at the Goulburn River end, and near the bridge dividing the upper and lower pondages. The fishing includes brown and rainbow trout from about 1.2 kg through to more than 4 kg, and the fishing is about as easy as it gets.

When the fish are on, you don’t have to wait for hours for a bite. The most difficult part is hooking the fish. They may be hatchery stock, but trout are wily wherever they come from.

Nearby Fishing Spots

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