Lower Mitta Mitta

Fly fishing in the Lower Mitta Mitta River, Steve Cooper

Wodonga-based fly-fishing guide Scott McPherson accompanied me on one trip on the lower Mitta Mitta. We were wading a stretch of river near Eskdale early in the morning. I recommend not only waders for this activity, but also a good set of thermal underwear – as refreshing and invigorating as the surrounds and fishing can be, cold is something you can do without.

The trout, mainly browns, were small and not cooperating, sipping tiny insects as they landed on the surface. These insects are so small that fly-fishers have been known to call them ‘no-see-ums’. Every now and again a larger ring appeared, the signature of bigger trout. As we studied the water, we realised the bigger trout were working a beat, about 50 m long. We could follow their movement by the rings.

We were working five-weight fly outfits, weight-forward floating fly lines and 4 m long leaders that taper down to a fine tippet where the fly is attached. On the opposite bank, willow trees had been lopped and the wood was piled up in places ready for removal or burning. Scott tied on a Royal Humpy and began to work a shallow riffle. He was rewarded almost immediately with a hook-up, but the trout was small. That was the story of the day, albeit a nice day.

Snowy Creek flows out of the Bogong High Plains and into the Mitta Mitta River in the centre of the tiny township of Mitta Mitta.

The creek contains mainly brown trout with some rainbow trout mixed in. Best fishing is often during summer, at dusk, when the bigger trout are rising.

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