Lake Eildon

Murray cod caught in Lake Eildon, Steve Cooper

Lake Eildon is Victoria’s most popular freshwater fishing spot. Part of its popularity is due to its proximity to metropolitan Melbourne. Lilydale is just a 90 min drive away, either over the Black Spur or via Yea.

This is a big bit of water. At full capacity, the lake has about 515 km  of shoreline. Even at 20 per cent capacity, it still measures 35 km from end to end.

The lake has been stocked with rainbow and brown trout, yellowbelly and Murray cod and has large numbers of redfin and carp. Summer and autumn are the seasons for redfin and native species, late autumn through winter into spring often producing the best trout fishing.

The Delatite River arm is popular for Murray cod and yellowbelly, although yellowbelly are more widespread. The best bite in the lake is often redfin and you can get good results in Jerusalem Creek, Fraser National Park and Taylor Bay.

For trout anglers, some of the most productive fishing occurs in arms serviced by rivers, such as the Big River and Goulburn River arms, and the main arm under the powerlines off Jerusalem Creek. In some years, brown and rainbow trout to 4 kg are caught trolling using both downrigger and flat-line techniques. Concentrate in areas where trout are most likely to be hunting – that is, along drop-offs and weed beds where there is cover for small fish. The biggest trout are more often caught deep.

Other areas worth a look include Jerusalem Inlet, Coller Bay, Italian Bay, Taylor Bay, Bonnie Doon and Howqua Inlet.

Boat ramps are located at Peppin Point near Bonnie Doon, Coller Bay, Jerusalem Creek, Jamieson, Howqua, Macs Cove, Goughs Bay and the Lake Eildon boat harbour.

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