Murray–Sunset National Park

A relatively untouched semi-arid wilderness of mallee scrub, this is one of the few areas in Victoria where red kangaroos are found. Birdwatchers come to search for the elusive mallee fowl and the rare black-eared miner. The majority of the terrain is accessible by 4WD only. One of the special highlights is the unusual Pink Lakes, in the south-east of the park. Most colourful on late-summer early mornings or late afternoons, they are coloured by carotene, secreted by alga on the lake. The camping site on the southern shore of Lake Crosbie, the largest of the four lakes, has toilets, gas barbecues, picnic tables and fireplaces, but you will need to be self-sufficient with drinking water. You can also stay at a hostel-style Shearer’s Hut in the west of the park, with cooking facilities, bunks and a hot shower.

Contact Info

PV: 13 1963 (includes Shearer’s Hut bookings)

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