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Population 2216

Robinvale is set on the New South Wales border besides a pretty stretch of the Murray River. The Robinswood Homestead, built in 1926, was home to the town's founder, Herbert Cuttle. Herbert's son, Robin, was killed during World War I, so he named both the homestead and the town in Robin's honour.

Visitor Information

Kyndalyn Park Information Centre, Bromley Rd; (03) 5026 1388

Nearby national parks

  • Wyperfeld National Park

    In the state’s arid north-west, Wyperfeld is a vast park of open plains and spreading mallee eucalypts. The usually bone-dry bed of...more

  • Willandra National Park

    Scrubby red sand plains stretch to the horizon in Willandra National Park, in the state’s remote west. In its heyday Willandra was one...more

Nearby towns

  • Ouyen

    Ouyen was once little more than a station on the Melbourne–Mildura train route, but it has since grown to become an important service town....more

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    Mildura offers a Riviera lifestyle, with the Murray River flowing by the town and sunny, mild weather throughout the year. It is one of...more

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In Town

Rural Life Museum: housed in the information centre, with locally grown almonds for sale; open by appt; Bromley Rd.

Murray River: the beaches around Robinvale are popular for picnics and fishing, while in the river waterskiing and swimming are favourite summer pastimes.


Euston Weir and Lock on Murray: created as an irrigation water store, it features a 'fish ladder' that enables fish to jump over the weir. Picnic and barbecue facilities are provided; Pethard Rd, south-west edge of town.

Robinvale Organic and Bio-dynamic Wines: tastings and sales of these distinctive, preservative-free wines. Also a children's playground; Sea Lake Rd; 5 km S.

Olive oil: this region is renowned for its award-winning olive oil. Robinvale Estate offers farmgate sales and tastings; Tol Tol Rd; 8 km SE. There is also Boundary Bend Estate; Boundary Bend; Murray Valley Hwy; 1 km S of the Murray River.

Robinvale Indigenous Arts and Crafts: learn about the local bush tucker; River Rd.

Hattah–Kulkyne National Park: 66 km SW; see Ouyen.

Fishing spots near town

Robinvale 1 km

We trolled at little more than a fast walking pace, the electric motor giving off a light humming noise. Behind the boat, a couple of large bibbed lures were swimming deep, about a metre off the bottom, their action... Find out more

Euston 2 km

Euston began as Boomiarcool Station in 1847, growing into a small township and subsequently a busy inland port, from which a fleet of paddlesteamers and barges transported the consignments of wool and wheat along the... Find out more

Tol Tol 12 km

I made my first serious Murray cod trip on the Murray River near Robinvale and for years was asked not to write about such a special stretch of river that produces a higher-than-average proportion of big cod. It... Find out more

Boyanda 19 km

The red ochre cliff near the Boyanda grape farm is a popular launch site for anglers fishing the Murray River midway between Robinvale and the small horticultural town of Wemen. A track follows the river from Happy... Find out more

Curlwaa 88 km

Curlwaa is downstream of Mildura, between Dareton and Wentworth. The boat ramp is nothing flash – a basic dirt facility suited to smaller boats. A kilometre or so upstream from the ramp is the old Abbotsford... Find out more

Wentworth 95 km

As you work your way down the Murray, you’ll find locks near most of the major towns. The locks create deep, holding water, which is especially good news for anglers chasing Murray cod. There’s one at... Find out more

Balranald 96 km

The drive from the Monaro to Wagga Wagga and on to Balranald gives some idea of the Murrumbidgee’s length and also of how much a river can change over the course of its flow. Near Balranald, the river has been... Find out more

Nearby breweries

Mildura Brewery 72 km

Breweries pop up in some rather exotic locations but this is the first I’ve encountered in a former cinema. Once known as the Astor Theatre, the main building is a lovely example of Art Deco architecture, which has... Find out more

Campsites around town

Euston Regional Park 6 km

Close to the town of Euston on the Sturt Hwy, this park can be accessed via Tapalin Mail Rd off the highway. Bring your own everything and boil/treat the river water before drinking.... Find out more

Ki Bend camping area (bush camping) 27 km

If you’re into fishing and you have a NSW fishing licence, you’ll want to try one of the bush campsites down by the Murray River at Ki Bend. It’s one of 3 places offering riverside campsites between... Find out more

Jinkers Bend camping area (bush camping) 27 km

Jinkers Bend is another of the bush campsites alongside the Murray River in Hattah–Kulkyne. It’s situated off the River Track between the 2 other bush-camping options – Ki Bend to the south and Firemans... Find out more

Firemans Bend camping area (bush camping) 27 km

Firemans Bend is the northernmost of the trio of bush-camping spots allocated next to the Murray River, at the eastern border of the national park. Keen mountain-bikers can cycle along River Track, which links the 3... Find out more

Deep Bend camping area (bush camping) 28 km

Deep Bend is an aptly named hook in the Murray River in the northern section of Murray–Kulkyne Park. As per the other bush campsites scattered alongside the River Track, you need to bring drinking water and... Find out more

Britt Bend camping area 28 km

Britt Bend is situated up near the northern boundary of Murray–Kulkyne Park, just south of Tarpaulin Island. As with all campsites along the Murray, be careful not to park under any river red gums, whose large... Find out more

Station Bend camping area (bush camping) 29 km

The twist of the Murray River called Station Bend is named after nearby Kulkyne Station, which was originally established in the mid-19th century. This bush-camping area is in the north of Murray–Kulkyne Park,... Find out more

The Paddlewheel camping area (bush camping) 30 km

This is the first riverside bush-camping area you come to if you’re driving into Murray–Kulkyne Park from the township of Wemen on Hattah–Robinvale Rd. Some of the protected species you may see when... Find out more

The Boiler camping area 30 km

The camping area occupying the next riverbend up from the Paddlewheel is the Boiler. Like its neighbour to the south, it’s a decent spot from which to contemplate the surrounding semi-arid wilderness. Anglers can... Find out more

Emmerts Bend camping area (bush camping) 32 km

Emmerts Bend is the first of the dispersed bush-camping areas you’ll encounter in Murray–Kulkyne Park if you drive south down the River Track from nearby Colignan. Bring your own water, and some wood if you... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Robinvale Riverside Caravan Park 1 km

The park is on the banks of the Murray River, just 1 km from the town centre. There is a large expanse of green lawn and shady river red gums. It is great for a few days at a budget price. Bookings are required in peak... Find out more

Rivergardens Tourist Park 68 km

This is a great riverfront park on the Sturt Highway close to Mildura, 1 km from the centre of Gol Gol. It is a good owner-operated establishment with a range of accommodation and good facilities. Bookings are required... Find out more

The Palms Caravan Park 69 km

This is a quality park in a quiet area on the edge of town, and will appeal to those travelling with dogs. There is a great dog exercise area and dog bath facilities. The place has a range of accommodation and bookings... Find out more

Calder Tourist Park 71 km

This is a very good quality, centrally located park. It is close to Mildura Centre Plaza and easily accessible from the Sturt and Calder highways. A pancake breakfast is provided on Sunday mornings. Bookings are required... Find out more

Buronga Riverside Caravan Park 71 km

Located on the banks of the river close to the bridge and opposite Mildura Wharf, this park has plenty of space for larger rigs. Shady trees and a pool complete the picture. Bookings are required in peak periods and a... Find out more

Mildura Deakin Holiday Park 72 km

Strategically located on a highway junction, this good quality caravan park is just a short walk from Mildura Centre Plaza. It is a convenient spot for an overnight stay or a few days. It has disabled ensuite sites.... Find out more

Balranald Caravan Park 73 km

This is a good, grassy park on the north bank of the Murrumbidgee River within easy walking distance of the town centre. The park, adjacent to the bridge at the east end of town, is easily accessible from the Sturt... Find out more

Apex RiverBeach Holiday Park 74 km

The beautiful setting of this park, with its shady trees, green lawns and the river winding by, makes it a favourite of ours. Large and spacious, the park is located 4 km west of Mildura opposite a popular swimming... Find out more

BIG4 Mildura Golden River Holiday Park 75 km

This is a very good quality park on the banks of the Murray River, 4.5 km west of the town centre in a quiet off-highway location. The park has a range of accommodation, a heated pool and a boat parking area. Bookings... Find out more

Eco-friendly places to stay around town

Mungo Lodge 96 km

If you want a more up-market alternative, try Mungo Lodge, near Mungo National Park. Owned by Indigenous Business Australia, this has 16 recently refurbished units with ensuites, a windmill and solar panels that supply... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Lake Benanee rest area 12 km

16km E of Euston (R) or 64km W of Balranald (L)

Well off the highway on the shores of the lake.

Abbotts Tank rest area 21 km

27km E of Euston (L) or 53km W of Balranald (R)

Just off the highway among trees.

Mail Route rest area 25 km

48km SE of Gol Gol (R) or 24km NW of Euston (L)

Just off the highway surrounded by scrub.

Murray Kulkyne Regional Park camping area 33 km

T/O to Colignan

Dispersed campsites on a riverbank 10km (partly unsealed) south of Colignan in Murray Kulkyne Regional Park.

Watts Bend camping area 37 km

T/O to Colignan

Dispersed campsites on a riverbank 1km south of Colignan.

Mallee Fowl rest area 38 km

48km SE of Gol Gol (R) or 24km NW of Euston (L)

Just off the highway surrounded by scrub.

Boundary Bend East park area 39 km

46km E of Robinvale (L) or 55km NW of Wood Wood (R)

Adjacent to the highway. On a riverbank among some large trees.

Spences Bend camping area 41 km

T/O to Nangiloc

Dispersed campsites on a riverbank 1km north of Nangiloc.

Passage camping area 41 km

T/O 51km SE of Robinvale (L) or 85km NW of Swan Hill (R)

Secluded area 5km (unsealed) north of the highway in Murray River Reserve. Good shade.

Lake Mournpall camping area 42 km

T/O 52km S of Red Cliffs (L) or 34km N of Ouyen (R)

Natural bush setting on the shores of the lake in Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. Located 15km (partly unsealed) north-east of the highway.

Lake Hattah camping area 44 km

T/O 52km S of Red Cliffs (L) or 34km N of Ouyen (R)

On the edge of the lake 6km (partly unsealed) east of the highway in Hattah-Kulkyne National Park.  

Bottle Bend camping area 53 km

T/O 15km SE of Gol Gol (R) or 57km NW of Euston (L)

Located 2km (unsealed) south of the highway among large trees on the riverbank. Overnight camping only.

Trentham rest area 63 km

16km SE of Mildura (R) or 67km NW of Euston (L)

Large area just off the highway.

Bailey Plains rest area 66 km

31km E of Manangatang (R) or 9km W of Piangil (L)

Just off the highway among a few trees.

Gol Gol park area 67 km

At Gol Gol

Overlooking the river at the south end of town.

Ouyen park area 68 km

At Ouyen

Large parking area adjacent to the highway. On the east side of town.

Mamanga camping area 69 km

T/O 3km E of Balranald (R) or 130km W of Hay (L)

Secluded area in the scrub 7km (partly unsealed) south of the highway in Yanga National Park.

Piangil North rest area 72 km

92km S of Robinvale (L) or 9km N of Wood Wood (R)

Just off the highway. On a riverbank under some shady trees.

Junction rest area 73 km

5km E of Balranald (R) or 128km W of Hay (L)

Just off the highway.

Yanga Creek rest area 76 km

9km E of Balranald (R) or 124km W of Hay (L)

Well off the highway among a few trees.

Wood Wood park area 78 km

At Wood Wood

Just off the highway on a riverbank.

Wood Wood camping area 78 km

T/O at Wood Wood

Just off the highway. Among trees on a riverbank in Nyah State Forest.

Nyah Forest camping area 84 km

T/O 6km S of Wood Wood (L) or 2km N of Nyah (R)

Under shady trees on a riverbank. Located 1km (unsealed) east of the highway via Byrnes La.

Nyah camping area 85 km

At Nyah

Large grassed area well off the highway via River St. Located at the recreation reserve behind the sporting complex.

Nyah park area 86 km

At Nyah

Adjacent to the highway. In the middle of town.

Walpeup rest area 92 km

At Walpeup

Just off the highway, in the middle of town. Powered sites and showers available for a fee.

Willows camping area 93 km

T/O 25km E of Balranald (R) or 108km W of Hay (L)

In the scrub 3km (unsealed) south of the highway in Yanga Conservation Park.

Lake Tyrell rest area 97 km

82km SE of Ouyen (L) or 83km N of Wycheproof (R)

Just off the highway among a couple of trees.

What's on around town

Ski Race: Mar.

Tennis Tournament: Easter.

Almond Blossom Festival: Aug.

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