Java Spice

Indonesian language teacher Peter Morrison and his wife, Trish, didn’t set out to open a restaurant, but such was their love for Asian culture and architecture, it just sort of happened. All the buildings, including the five grass huts as gazebos, were prefabricated in Java and Bali, taken down, shipped and reassembled in situ in Swan Hill, and are now appropriately surrounded by lush tropical gardens and palms. The restaurant specialises in Thai and Indonesian food that is prepared by chefs from those countries. The à la carte menu is divided into sections for soups, salads, curries, vegetarian, seafood and so on, with half a dozen banquet suggestions for a minimum of four diners.

Contact information

17 Beveridge St; (03) 5033 0511; open Thurs–Fri and Sun for lunch, and Tues–Sun for dinner


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