National Sports Museum

Your kids are sure to be impressed by the size of a real footballer’s huge boots, especially when they  get the chance to slide their own small feet inside! Watch them determinedly pit their skills against  some of the sporting greats – testing their goal kicking talents against Australian Football League  (AFL) players and trying to run out Adam Gilchrist on a virtual cricket pitch. This museum, located in  the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), touches on nearly all sports played in Australia. It is far from  a ‘look but don’t touch’ experience, with lots of opportunities for participating in sporting activities.  There is also a wealth of world-famous sporting icons to ogle and virtual reality spaces for interacting with sporting stars!

Contact details

Gate 3, Olympic Stand, Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Jolimont St, Jolimont; (03) 9657 8879

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■ The Cricket Found Me exhibit. See a virtual Shane Warne, one of the most famous cricketers of  recent times, open his locker, pick up his cricket bat and move around the room as he chats to you. 

■ The Off the Bench exhibit, where you’ll come face-to-face with a virtual James Hird (AFL legend).
■ Historic icons from the world of sport, such as Ian Thorpe’s full-body swimsuit, the fi rst Brownlow  medal, Cathy Freeman’s swift suit from the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and a collection of baggy green  caps from Australian cricket history.
■ The Olympic exhibit with memorabilia from the 1956 Games, which took place right here in the MCG.

Fabulous Facts

A highlight of the year for Victorian sporting fans is the AFL Grand Final, which has traditionally been played here, at the MCG. The AFL code is commonly referred to as Aussie Rules and was started in  the 1850s as a way of keeping cricketers fit during winter. Nowadays, the oval shape of the football is  an Australian icon, but in the early years, players used either round or oval balls.

Insider Tips

■ Allow plenty of time – there is a lot to see and do here!

■ Weekdays can be less crowded than weekends.
■ You can pick up a self-guided audio tour.
■ In the Game On area, apart from cricket and football, everyone can have a go at archery, netball, soccer, and cycling, or try out being a newspaper reporter on the sports-desk. 
■ For the same ticket, the National Sports Museum gives you access to the Melbourne Cricket Club  (MCC) Museum, except on MCG event days. For a timetable of event days, see">
■ You can reach the MCG on the free Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle Bus (Stop 3);"> Note: Stop 3 is not operational on MCG event days.
■ There is a cafe on site.
■ For really keen sports fans, take a tour of the MCG as well. You can purchase a combination ticket for the MCG tour and National Sports Museum.

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