At Scienceworks little folk get the chance to do some of the fascinating activities usually reserved for  adults. What will fulfil your own kids’ dreams? Will they rush onto the ‘building site’ and climb on the  digger to press buttons and make the digger’s arms work? Will they slip gleefully behind a counter in a  ‘cafe’ to take orders and prepare a meal? Will they choose to be TV presenters and record their own  weather reports? Whatever they choose, everything they explore in this feast of interactive exhibits will  introduce them to scientific principles.

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2 Booker St, Spotswood; (03) 9392 4800

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Don't Miss

■ The Sportsworks exhibit, where kids can test their athletic skills against real sporting stars and explore how their bodies work.

■ The science ‘buskers’ (weekends only). Check on arrival what time the buskers will be teaching science-in-the-kitchen tricks, such as how to make slime out of cornflour.
■ The Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience (in the Pumping Station). This interactive exhibit demonstrates how rubbish, such as cigarette butts and dog poop, end up in the waterways.

Fabulous Facts

Scienceworks is built on the grounds of an old sewage treatment plant. The Pumping Station is now classified as an important industrial heritage site. It no longer treats sewage, but if you take a guided tour you can see one of the giant pumps in action, and you can peer down at the contents of a sewer!

Insider Tips

■ The activities described above are in Nitty Gritty Super City, designed for children aged 3–8 years.  There are plenty of other wonderful exhibits for older kids.

■ Try to allow a whole day for exploring this museum.
■ A fun way to reach the museum is by the Williamstown Ferry.
■ The Planetarium (extra cost) has tilting seats and you view a film about the universe, climate change  or the solar system screened on the dome. Afterwards, a presenter explains what to look for in the  night sky at the end of that day. Further details and bookings for this 30-minute presentation are available online.
■ In the Lightning Room (extra cost), a presenter explains and demonstrates lightning with a two- million-volt simulated lightning flash; another chance to rest your feet for around 30 minutes. To
avoid disappointment, book online.
■ Guided tours of the Pumping Station are free, but you need to book on arrival.
■ There is a cafe on site, but it closes an hour before the museum does on weekdays.

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