Patterson River

Patterson River, Steve Cooper

The Patterson River is well known for bream, and walking and bike tracks on both sides of the river offer ease of access for bank fishing. The most productive waters are in the marinas between the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and the Nepean Highway bridges near the river mouth. Angling isn’t allowed in Patterson Lakes Marina, which is the middle floodgate. In the marinas, the bream hang on the boat moorings, pier pilings and poles, so work as many places as you can until you find them. A word of caution though: unhook lures caught on ropes, otherwise more areas will be closed to fishing.

When the weather turns foul and the bay is too rough for boating, Melbourne anglers could do worse than fishing in the Patterson River at Carrum. This is one of the most consistent bream-producing waters in Victoria, and is only a few minutes’ drive from the city. The main prize might be bream, but there are also mullet and occasionally mulloway. Never mind that the river seems built-in by suburbia, this very fishy stretch of water often produces good results when other areas are shut down.

While plenty of anglers fish the river from shore, many prefer to work the entire river by boat and there is an excellent boat ramp near the mouth. The landings along the boat ramps are popular, as is the bank above and below the ramps.

The maze that is Patterson Lakes, accessed via the first floodgate, is fishable and can be highly productive. Inner Harbour Marina, further upstream, is lesser known and not as heavily fished.

The Werribee River is a more traditional bream fishery and the river is well patronised by bream anglers. The best fishing is in late winter through to the end of October. Bream are caught from the mouth upstream as far as you can safely navigate. Top baits are sandworm and bass yabbies.

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