Matilda Bay Garage Brewery

Previously operating as the Stockade Brewery, this South Dandenong-based microbrewery was acquired by the Foster’s-owned Matilda Bay Brewing in 2004 and re-badged as their ‘garage’ brewery. Then head brewer Brad Rogers likened the new spiritual home of Matilda Bay to the base for a ‘garage band’ where they might jam away merrily to create new brews. Matilda Bay’s bigger volume brands in Redback, Bohemian Pilsner and Beez Neez continue to be produced at other Foster’s-owned plants (currently Cascade Brewery), while new releases have rolled out of the garage from the beginning, including Rooftop Red Lager, Alpha Pale Ale and numerous limited releases like Crema (a coffee-infused pale ale), Stickler’s Best Bitter (a hand-pumped English-style real ale), Barking Duck (a saison), Grayston Reserve and Sebastian (a pair of dunkelweizens); while Dogbolter – a dark lager that was one of the original Matilda Bay’s foundation brews – has been significantly revived and revamped under Rogers’ watch and beyond.

House Style

A full-flavoured red lager is the closest to mainstream in style, with numerous limited release and experimental brews. Long may it last.

Signature Beer

Matilda Bay Dogbolter

Behind the Label

Are you prepared to be confused? Because Dogbolter began life as a potent dark ale, in the early days of the Phil Sexton-led Matilda Bay. The name was ‘borrowed’ from a legendary English strong ale; according to the story, a mutt once lapped-up a bowlful of this potent brew, then bolted over the hills and dales, never to be seen again. Henceforth, the brew was named Dogbolter. At some point, Sexton decided to rechristen his Matilda Bay Dark Lager – which was enjoying an increasingly appreciative audience – as Dogbolter.

Contact Information

Unit 2/132–142 Bangholme Road, Dandenong South 3164

Tours by appointment

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