2 Brothers Brewery

A microbrewery is not exactly what you might expect to find tucked away among panel-beaters and sheet-metal fabricators in the industrial estates of Moorabbin, 20 minutes south-east of Melbourne. While the location may be somewhat down-market, 2 Brothers Brewery’s gleaming copper and stainless steel tanks are an impressive set-up that will have home-brewers and fellow microbrewers alike drooling with envy. Brothers Andrew and David Ong were inspired to become brewers after living in the United States where they worked, respectively, in aerospace engineering and physiotherapy. Older brother Andrew Ong gained hands-on beer-making experience at the Diamond Knot Brewing Company in Seattle; ‘They basically mentored me,’ he says. Having relocated back home to Melbourne, the Ong brothers purchased the 18-hectolitre Canadian-built microbrewery, which had been operating out of a restaurant in Times Square, New York. Younger brother David was dispatched to decommission it and organise shipping logistics; later on, they leased the Moorabbin site and the first beer flowed in November 2007. Early brews included an American brown ale, an amber ale brewed with a Belgian ale yeast and Trickster – a Belgian wit beer made with a twist, in the form of whole mandarins. A beer hall operates adjacent to the brewery on Thursday and Friday evenings and Taxi Pilsner was soon added to the beer-list (‘It’s the tradies’ choice,’ says David Ong). The tanks sit behind the bar and are emblazoned with names of various New York areas – Hell’s Kitchen, Soho, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem – with a nod of acknowledgement to their origin.

House Style

Still evolving, obviously, but the house style is heavily influenced by US-craft beers with some innovative twists like the easy-drinking Trickster.

Signature Beer

2 Brothers Growler

Behind the Label

If you thought an American brown ale named Growler had something to do with grizzly bears, you would be dead wrong. Growler, rather, is the nickname for a certain chainsaw which the Ong brothers regularly fight over. The beer is the most complex in the 2 Brothers range, with layers of toffee/ caramel notes intertwined with tropical fruit hints, and some citrus characters coming through late. Overall, a well-balanced and flavoursome brew. You can even buy a 2-litre ‘growler’ of Growler to take home from the brewery-door bar, poured from a tap topped with a miniature chainsaw.

Contact Information

4 Joyner Street, Moorabbin 3189 Tours by appointment; bar (open Thursday & Friday)


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